Thinking of picking this up, is it really worth it?


Hi there,

I’m thinking of picking up MK9 for the first time. My question lies with the current metagame, i know none of it, will i be outclassed for a few months or can I jump in and start improving right away?


There is no huge barrier. Obviously you won’t be winning tournaments week 1 but it is one of the easier games to get into.


Thanks for replying, i’ll head out and buy it and start with my old favorite Stryker.


This is a really fun game and has a low entry barrier. Playing online, I recommend doing unranked player matches instead of playing in the lobbies until your skills improve.


Shoot higher. Pun intended :wink:


is jax viable?


yes, Jax is very very good.


Alright, I’ll be picking it up tonight. Everyone in my house is telling me not to buy it but I miss some of the gore from fighting games haha.


Bit late to the party?


A little bit, but I’ve been playing cvs2 and ST and marvel 3 for the past 9 months, this sort of became neglected by accident.


If you given any amount of time to MvC3 you can give time to just about anything.


So, is the netcode in this game as bad as people claim ? Did NetherRealm fix it ?


I got into this game late, but I haven’t had any problem with the netcode. A few games get dropped on occasion, but there’s very little slowdown. I’d be happy if other fighting games matched the online performance of this game.


it was terrible at launch but now its just bad to decent depending on connection.

this is the general consensus of the MK9 community as I dont play online myself.


is it too late to buy this? should i just wait for the next mk?


of course its not to late! Also, check this out, especially if you have play on PS3:


I just ordered komplete edition, it’s only 30€ (got totaly tired to SFxT)! Hopefuly europe online is still alive. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


I think it’s worth the buy. I’ve had it since launch. The online was pretty laggy at first, but it seems to have improved over time. I haven’t had any problems since then that didn’t have to do with my own shitty connection, or the other player’s.

I don’t know which system you play, but if you ever want to go a few rounds on PS3 my tag is “iHeritik”. I’ll be home around 6 hours from now, so just let me know if you want a sparring partner or something.