Thinking of picking up dan give me your input pleaseee

What’s up guys? I’ve seen some videos of dan wrecking mad shit and he looks like a lot of fun. Give me your input on how much fun he is or what difficulty i might have trying to pick him up.

He is by far the most fun character in the game. But Saikyo is not an easy road. Let me ask you these questions:

Do you enjoy taunting?
When you lose, do you continue to taunt?
Have you lost a match to taunt and win the war?
Do you ever exclaim “Woohoo!” after an ultra?

He is the most fun character but some of his matchups will break you. Even when losing, do you proclaim “I’m awesome!” If so you may have an aptitude for Saikyo.

You need extremely good fundamentals to win with Dan. When you do it is hilarious. If you rock a good player you will laugh more than anything. Particularly when you see their forum posts about how bad people are online :wink:

hell yeah i enjoy taunting. especially with hakan while someone jumps in right before ultra 2 them adding insult to injury. I think i will take on the road of saikyo just to bother the tournament population.

Dan can space his ultra with a super legendary taunt that blows your meter. You can combo it or draw them to attack then nail them with the ultra. You will laugh for hours thinking about it.

Just keep in mind it’s easy to lose. You get back into it. I lost several sets till I beat someone almost ranked 1 with his character (undeniably top tier) in a 2 round shutout. I did the super taunt to ultra trick in round 2 and I still laugh about it.

what taunts are worth using for dan?

If you play Hakan you’re probably accustomed to the uphill struggles and if that doesn’t put you off then you’ll love Dan. Dan and Hakan are similar in that aspect as they’re both really fun characters and both have a lot of flaws. They both need to rely on a strong mix-up game but Hakan does more damage for each correct guess, not to mention he has more life and stun too though Hakan probably puts himself at risk more than Dan.

For selectable taunts #5 (ass wiggle “chou yoyuu ssu”) and #9 (ass spank) are easily the best. Remember your ultimate goal is to win with a Legendary Taunt, Gadouken xx Legendary Taunt cancel where the Gadouken is guaranteed to finish them is how you’ll do it :tup:

Taunt 7 is underrated. He picks at his ear and yells, “I’m awesome!” I used to like taunt 9 but feel 7 better describes the saikyo way. It’s great fun on a whiffed ultra or correct prediction.

I think #9 is the best because it doesn’t have a long build up time - it’s straight and to the point. But for messages, I prefer #8: “YOU should be my apprentice!”. When fighting Gouken, it’s just rad.

Dankuu Kyaku (qcb+k) is your friend. Mix up between light, medium and heavy versions to follow up with a throw, or if the opponent is privy to that, a Kouryuken or back-dash. EX-Dankuu is even EASIER to set up for throwing. Standard Dankuu Kyaku is also really good against them jumpy types, ESPECIALLY Bison (Dictator) and Vega (Claw)

Standing/Crouching MK is good for poking.

BEWARE that Dan’s HP and HK are rather slow so I tend to avoid them unless in a combo such as Standing/Crouching HP + HK Dankuu Kyaku

Gadouken! Be careful when using this to counter another projectile as Dan sticks his hand out pretty far for this move, resulting in failure. If the enemy has no Ultra meter, it’s good to use on a recovering opponent. For some reason, I hit at least 1/3 of the time I use this on people standing up. It’s weird.

Kouryuken is a solid anti-air. Never forget this.

That’s all I can think of for now.

You wouldn’t be able to handle it. Go home and be a family man.

MK Dankuu still gives your opponent plenty of time to see what’s going on and is still -2 on block like HK version and only does 10 more damage than LK. My general advise with Dankuu is to use LK (Knee) unless you’re expecting to land it (then obviously use HK for max damage) since Knee is a great pressure and mix-up tool and gives you more options on block.

thanks for the advice ive won a couple matches so far with dan but i cant cancel the super taunt right

Cancel into the Super Taunt or cancel the Super Taunt into Ultra?

Easiest way to cancel into Legendary Taunt is cancelling a Gadouken, use the QCF of the Gadouken as the first QCF of the Legendary Taunt input so it’d look like:

After the Super cancel just pause briefly and input QCFx2+PPP/KKK, moderately quickly but not too fast. It also helps to hit PPP or KKK a few times just in case you were too quick with it the first time.

Dan is permanent win mode. I dusted a super-solid Chun/Ibuki player four games in a row. Taunt 7-9 are all beast. Abuse Short Knee, air and ground. You’re going to throw a LOT. You’re going to lose a lot as well, but that’s the point. KRK is actually one of the best uppercuts in the game, respectable damage and excellent AA. It’s like being SF’s version of the Mets - if they lose, you can say “well it’s Dan/Mets, no surprise”, and if you win, brag your ass off about how dope you are.

Whether you suck at it or not, learn KRK > FADC > U2. Dan’s only really solid damage option outside of tricking/punishing someone into eating U1.

the KRK is nice but not very reliable as an AA unless you EX it. General rule from me is to use cr HP or standing jab for AA. Even going aerial to do a lk danku is more preferred as it knocks them far back but you’re close in. Most of the time you will trade hits on anything higher than a lp KRK.

I hate how the ult2 combo you posts doesn’t get all hits but Ryu’s does (along with Sagat I believe). It’s just not right. Also, the dmg on it is so sad I makes me want to not use it especially if I have to use 2 bars to get it out a forth the time, a forth of the time it’s a counter ult, and the other half is a focus combo. I tend to never use my ultra in fights. Just wait it out as ppl expect it. krk>fadc> ult 2 is just common place though you probably have to wait for them to jump and of the KRK trades hits, you’re better off using EX.

If tried cr mk>EX Gadoken>FADC>Ult2, I’m just terrible at that. It does great dmg and is reliable, I just suck at qcf ultras while FADC forward.

Dan’s KRK not useful as an AA and his c.HP is? Wut?

Unlike Ryu Dan can trade KRK into ultra and even if the KRK trades, its almost always in your favor as you can heavy Dankuu them before they land.

HP.Koryuken is plenty reliable. LP.KRK isn’t. Cr.HP is waaaay too slow for an anti-air, and light jab’s hitbox is garbage… not to mention it does no damage. Air-to-Air Danku has to be done preemptively.

Besides, with Koryuken, trading hits is always favourable for you, as you can link HK.Dankus afterwards.

Not getting all the hits on Haoh is a moot point, since it does just as much damage as Metsu Hadouken.

Having players actively avoiding the Koryuken for fear of an Ultra combo is great for mind-games, aswell.

cr.MK xx EX Gadouken FADC Shissou Buraiken (You can’t do it with Haoh Gadouken) isn’t reliable, as you can’t hit-confirm without wasting 3 bars.

Generally, for straight punishing, Ultra I is better. For consistency, ease of use and beefing up Dan’s rushdown, Ultra II is the best pick.

Hakan wouldn’t be too bad if his inputs weren’t so goofy and he didn’t have to oil up as much (or if they started him oiled). But having to constantly waste knockdown pressure opportunities to oil pretty much puts him at the bottom of the pack. And I just love it when he tries to 360 throw fireballs/ultras/anyway at full range instead of sliding because of his controls.

As a low tier soldier using Dan and Hakan can be an advantage as not many people know the match up at all. The way I go about using Dan is to be as big a asshole as possible. Dashing around will be your friend along with the lk danku. You have to play mind games with your opponent unless there just a flowcharter then you just block and punish as you see fit. My favorite is the score a knock down taunt 9 dash away punish random srk game. But keep practicing once you get good with Dan its a great feeling.

Yeah more time oiled or make the Oil Showers quicker would really help. Also the fact that unoiled Oil Rocket is piss poor kinda sucks, shitty ass range and 3 frames, the range wouldn’t be as much of an issue if it were like the other 360s and be a 2 frame move or if the range was increased it wouldn’t matter so much being a 3 frame move.

The leniency on his 360s is beyond crazy too, wiggle the stick around before the round starts and return it to neutral, when round starts do QCF+P and what do you get? Not an Oil Slide, that’s for sure. Pity his 720 isn’t that lenient, any kind of delay between the final directional input and PPP and you’ll get an Oil Rocket instead :frowning: I’ve had the accidental 360s with Seth before, jumping back then doing Sonic Boom but whenever I remembered to let the stick go into neutral after jumping problem solved, doesn’t work as much with Hakan :frowning:

Hakan has quite a few tricks up his sleeve, like Dan. The DDT setups are great (when done right) as not only do you get good damage but you get to MK Oil Shower for free as well and a mix-up afterwards to boot :slight_smile: Sadly if you spot them coming they’re easy to get out of, back dash also seems to avoid a lot of Hakan’s trickery too :frowning: