Thinking of saying goodbye to Mrs. Han



Juri and me are gonna break up. She’s been treating me poorly these past few days.

I’m not sure what I’m doing incorrectly. I got her bnb’s down pat. My zone game is pretty phenomenal. But I just lose to retarded shit.

As of today I have missed the j RH, cr mk, wheel like 50 times. When I try to counter I am jabbing into air and eating fireballs. I’m getting crossed over and my ex-counter is like “LOL ROUNDHOUSE!”

Maybe it’s the bat-top I put on my TE stick? I keep messing up qc<–. Somebody convince me that my relationship this sadistic woman is worth keeping. I’m about 2 losses away from re-rolling Sagat.


Just go back to Sagat. we actually need more Sagat players for once.


**I am Juri, so i’ll never give away myself!

But do whatever feels best, there is that one character that you can truly connect with and have a good feel for.**


meh, we actually need more gats. so i say dump her.


Maybe you just aren’t that good. I noticed shitty players tend to talk about how good they are yet complain about losing and try to blame factors that don’t involve themselves as a player.


I actually never played sagat, I meant re-rolling as in “Switching to.” I should have been more specific.

As for you boo, “plbbbbbfffffft.”


I’d say it very well could be your bat top if it’s something you’re not used to. I’ll be honest though, it sounds to me like it’s an “execution under pressure” issue which I suffer from a lot myself. Basically, your execution is great (if not flawless) in the training room, but once you have to actually nail everything you’ve been practicing while a real life opponent is trying to hit you in the face, you lose your shit.

My suggestion would be to either turn the training dummy on to CPU -> hardest and just practice that way or go into endless and fight through the nerves. Eventually you’ll start performing better.



I like your avatar.


If nerves are the problem then I’d definitely recommend this - I’ve just been staying on endless until I become completely calm, have a few more and then stop for the night. It’s really helping.

Then again, it could just be your bat top.

Or Juri hates you.



^truer words have never been spoken


The character has just come out, so of course you’re going to take more losses than wins against people who may have been playing a character that much longer than you. Learning another character is never a bad thing =\ I use Juri on my Juri stick and Cammy on Cammy pad >.> Thought I play a slew of other characters as well~


I was also thinking about dumping Juri. It was love at first sight for me…kinda. I was never interested in her until the game came out, and I leveled her up quick shortly thereafter. Sometime between now and then I decided to dedicate more time to Sakura, my main bat. I felt like I was cheating on Sak.

But there is something about Juri that won’t let me go. I think im going to pick her back up, actually.


Oh god… look, I’m a lot better with Bison than Juri at the moment because I played him a lot in vanilla, so I could just keep on with him and win a lot more often. But what fun would that be? Just play as who you like to play as. If you train intelligently and often, you’ll get better over time. The main thing is that you’re enjoying it.

P.S. Also, that taunt… ahhhhh.


Taunt 9 if you really want to infuriate people. I don’t advise taunting, though. Just saying.


All I have to say is PEACE!!


i’m loving the crazy chick more…

it might just be you trying to get used to the bat top


You have a Juri stick? :wow:


I love Juri because she’s so fun. She’s the evil version of chun li, gotta love that


This. I thought she was cool when they first showed her way back in like September or something, but she actually has a playstyle I can dig as well(something I couldn’t say for any vanilla SF4 character).


The only problem I’m having with Juri is her horrendous walk speed! I can’t adjust myself at all, and I just can’t get used to it. I am trying to play Juri as a rushdown character, but when you can’t bulldog through fireballs… I dunno.

I just don’t know. Someone tell me something about Juri’s rush game that helps her get around her completely ass walk speed. If it weren’t for the walk speed I’d like her so much more.