Thinking of setting up a mini tournament in OE on the PS3

I’m pretty sick of fighting random players because they’re all terrible mashers, and/or are coming in from SFIV and don’t really have any idea of what to do.

So that said, I’d like to set up a mini tournament to hopefully meet better players, and also with better connections. A friendly tournament, if you will, just to meet others and hope for the best. If you’re interested, post your PSN, your intended character to use, and I’ll make a list. If there are sufficient players interested we’ll then discuss on a scheduled date.

List of players:
PSN ID - Main Character (alts in brackets)

AlexxShadenk777 - Akuma (Yang, Ken)
Hackie32 - Yang (Dudley, Ken)
tseekay - Necro (Ryu, Makoto)
Cramped_Douglas - Akuma (Ken, Elena, Oro)
Dellloon - Yun (Remy, Necro)
scoRRRp - Dudley
PervyJin01 - Ibuki (Alex)
Hyper_Bolt - Ken (Ryu, Alex, Hugo)
rubixgroove- Elena (Necro and Ibuki)

Sure thing.

PSN: Hackie32
Main: Yang
Alts: Dudley,Ken.

I’m down!
Main: necro
Alt: ryu, makoto

Sounds fun…
PSN: Cramped_Douglas
main: Akuma
(alts: Ken, Elena, Oro)

Figured I’d go ahead and add my friend’s PSN to this.

Name: Dellloon
Main: Yun
Alts: Remy,Necro

Sign me up, I’m central just to let you all know.

Name: scoRRRp
Main: Dudley

I’ll throw down. Information in my sig. I only use my main for tourneys.

If I’m not busy during the day it’s held, I’ll join.

PSN Hyper_Bolt
Main: Ken
Alts: Ryu, Alex, Hugo

Great, so this makes already a total of 8 players, which is perfect for filling up at least one Tournament session. So let’s talk about a schedule then; I’m guessing everyone will prefer doing it on a weekend? How’s next saturday at 4PM (GMT 0 timezone) sound?

Sounds fine to me :slight_smile:
That should be 11AM-12PM my time. (CDT)

Can’t say that my skills are sharp enough to join even a “casual tournament” but I’d like to add more cool people that can play well to my friends list.

PSN - rubixgroove
Main(s) - Elena, Necro and Ibuki when I feel like losing :stuck_out_tongue:

Add me and holler. Always down to get owned while I learn. :rofl:

Hmm I might be able to do it. 4pm GMT is like 8am or 9am for PST right? Just making sure.
Also I’ll need to buy a new Wireless router since I moved to a new room.

I can’t give you confirmation on timezones, you should just google for a chart with them or even more conveniently, click on the clock on your computer and change the timezone yourself, it’ll automatically change the time accordingly.

Saturday sounds good, so does the time.

I wanna play, but I don’t have a PSN =(

My friend does though, but I don’t know his account. Can I pre-register anyway?

There’s no such thing as pre-registration, man.

If everyone’s still on board, I’m adding you all tomorrow, then come 4PM GMT 0 time, I will send the invitations for a Tournament session. If something comes up, post here or message me on PSN, I’ll keep my eyes open.

PSN : Kumadoken
Main: Ken

HI can you please add me I will also like to join

For those that are too lazy to figure out what time this will start…

Tourney is today. Just open up the above link and when the link says 4:00PM that’s tourney time.

For US peepz you’re looking at around 11AM EST, 8AM PST.

I’ll start inviting you guys to the session in some minutes as you come online, though I see not all of you have come up yet. I’ll wait a while longer past the scheduled time for more participants.

Also, this is the first time I’m setting up a tournament session so I dunno how it works. I’m guessing the game pairs up the players randomly.