Thinking of Streaming Fighting Games


Hey guys,
Lately, I’ve been kind of upset with the lack of user streams in the fighting game community. Much of the people who do stream have lobbies without a “character” to follow. I am willing to fill in this role if there is an audience for it. However, I do have to see if people are willing to watch a fighting game stream before I go through the hassle and set up.
To make everything a little easier, I’ll probably be starting out with games through Steam/WindowsLive and see where it goes from there. I’ll start playing Street Fighter IV, and if many people come and watch, I’ll think about investing in other fighting games for the PC to stream.
I feel that this would be a good idea since there aren’t many fighting game players that stream regularly, and it would also give the community a chance to grow the same way that Starcraft II is with the streaming that is going on.
Please give some feedback or ideas as to how to set up the stream, and answer the poll on this website please :3 .


Good luck? I don’t know where you get the idea there aren’t a lot of streams in the FGC, it seems like everyone has their own stream nowadays. You might want to check out the Tech Talk forum or perhaps a thread about streaming.


Fgtvlive gets 500-2000 viewers and stream almost everyday
Fanatiq streams regularly but not as often but he still gets 500-2000
There is a tournament stream 4 out of seven days of the week and each get 2000+
Various players from other team affiliations like DMG,always godlike, evil genius to name a few… Which also get 2000
There are 5 public forum streams open to the public which are all 24/7 they get anything from 100-500 at any given day

Unless you have some affiliation with a group, or team or anything with capital, it’s going to be hard to get consistent veiwers. Good luck.

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AAm i right in saying that you feel there should be more ‘personalities’ streaming in the fgc? and not the amount of streaming that is going on?

I agree with you and if you wanna pick up the mantle then no one would stop you doing so. But why would people watch what you streamed compared to others?
I’ve been looking into streaming content allot recently, and theres allot of planning and creativity needed for a stream.

Would you be running weekly tournaments? would you be streaming once, twice a week? are you a high level player? (This isn’t necessary as long as you can be charismatic and entertaining but with something like sf4, you’re gonna need some chops) what are you gonna be talking about on your stream that’s different from others?

More streaming is always a good thing, but it’s allot of hard work!


If you’re a nobody in the FGC and not streaming a tournament with big names in your tournament, you won’t get big streaming numbers. Sad but true. Stream monsters watching majors has become more of like a retarded audience watching a gameshow.