Thinking of switching from PC to Xbox


Long story short: my PC died last night and I’m thinking of switching to Xbox but I have a question first.

I’ve always heard there are more USF4 players on Xbox but is this actually true? Are we talking 2x, 10x or what?

The one time I had a chance to play on Xbox it didn’t seem that there were many players at all.


I’ve heard there are more players on xbox. I’ve never tried the other options, but there are PLENTY of people on Xbox. If you watch the more “famous” players on youtube, most of them are on xbox. I’ve also heard the connection is better on Xbox than on PSN. I don’t know about PC.


From what i’ve seen from streams and my own experience of playing on xbox, PC has more players right now or did have after it was just released although a lot of them were beginners who had just picked up the game. On xbox most people are of a fairly decent level, especially in endless. If I were to choose between them I would choose xbox right now because the level of play in general is quite a lot higher to be honest, not that there aren’t good players on PC though just that since super wasn’t released on PC a lot of people played xbox/ps3 and stuck to those in the newer games, in the future I think more people will be playing PC and as 360/ps3 become outdated I can see PC becoming more prominent at least for newer fighting games (not sure how the new gen of consoles will fare), also apparently PC online is having connection issues? I know the patch was released yesterday but I don’t know if/how it’s improved.


Do you play that garbage game Call Of Duty or something? I think you might have been spoiled by seeing “500K players online” while playing those generic shooters. There is plenty of people on XBL playing Ultra Street Fighter IV, and to answer your question “yes” there are much more people actively playing USF4 on XBL than Steam.


Since Ultra, I … almost always… get a match within 5 second on PC at any time of the day (even at 4AM business day, the hell?)… and they are always from my country even if the region setting is marked off lol. However, I would argue that it doesn’t matter as much anymore since you can train while searching now, but it kind of get frustrating since it almost always find a match before you get the time to finish one combo lol.

I have no idea how it is on xbox compared to that, I just wanted to give something to compare with for the ones who haven’t tried the PC edition.

There’s also some benefits you have to consider from the PC editions :

  • Mods (or special training software like the hitbox viewer)
  • Compatible with any controller and sticks (useful when you organize some fighting nights with your friends)
  • If you need a PC anyway, the cost of getting specs compatible with USF4 shouldn’t be much higher, especially if you can recover most parts from your old one.


Xbox seems to have better players, with PSN being ass and PC probably has a lot of casuals since Ultra. Also never had problems finding games on Xbox, only problem was not finding dumbasses but that’s a multi platform issue.