Thinking to buy sf5 , want opinions


I played sf4 and i liked it , sf was my favorite fg besides soul calibur , im thinking to buy it now but im bit confused , i can buy it from a shop for like 38e or from steam for 59e , is there a difference between the two? why steam is so expensive? also my cd drive is broken , is there an official site or something where i can download the game?

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Digital games are always more expensive because they’re only on sale on specific times a year while price cuts in retail are happening faster and are permanent, at least most of the time.

I’d say give it a shot. 38€ is pretty cheap for what you get plus there’s still DLC to come.


If you buy the game physically for PC…you can just register the game key on Steam and d/l the full game from there.


It’s a game that becomes more fun if you give it commitment and you are willing to learn and practice. Jump into it with a mindset that you want to be a winner.


Don’t buy it


The keys you buy in shops will still need to be activated on Steam, so you can just buy the cheapest one and then download the game through the platform. You can find even cheaper if you look around.
The only problem is that if you don’t like the game it will be probably very hard to have a refund for your retail key. If you’re not sure you’re gonna like the game I advise you to buy it on Steam, try it for less than 2 hours and then ask for refund; you’ll still be able to buy a retail key later if you wanna keep on playing.


Wait a year


If you paid full price for the PC version you done goofed. You can get it for like 40 percent off. Steam is just giving you retail price, no difference in content


If you can wait, but it at the end of the year or beginning of next year. It will be a much better experience with far less frustration by then.

Or come join the party now if you’re a masochist.


Wait a year, that’s the absolute best I can give you.


I will never recommend this game to anyone at the current state it’s in.


Do you want to try to get good at it? Buy it now. People are still trying stuff and getting used to the game. The more you wait, the more the competition will be tougher, making your learning experience harder.
You don’t really care, and you just want to enjoy a nice fighting game? Wait at least for the June patch and then decide.



“Wait a year” doesn’t work for skill based games like Streetfighter. By the time you’ve waited a year, you’ll feel like the skill gap is too steep to surmount, then decide to wait for SF6 so that everyone gets a “fresh start” on “equal footing”.


Avoid this shit like the plague. I brought as a gift for someone, and even though it was a gift I feel dirty. Seriously, not enough content, fairly meh gameplay… not enough characters (IMO). No Arcade mode, story mode is like on average 4 rounds… pain in the arse to get DLC characters (its ok to grind, but from what Ive seen how do you actually get the grinding points? do you have to go online?). If thats the case, you have to go online to earn your points… eugh… as others have said… wait for year at least, maybe even 2 to see who the season 2 characters are.

Only worth buying this if all your friends have moved from SF4 and are all playing SF5 so you literally have no one else to play any SF games with.


Wait a year if you just want to be a casul. Get it now if you want to git gud.


Don’t get it. The game is still a mess, wait at least 3 months


Buy it and if you don’t like it, return it. Problem solved.


I find this thread amazing cause a lot of the honest opinions are not to get a street fighter game in an SRK thread.

Get it if it’s around 30. Don’t you dare buy this shit if its 60.


If you want to play a street fight game competitively now, then buy it. It’s pretty much the only game in town when it comes to Street Fighter. All the other older versions have smaller player bases.


Forget everything we said, BUY THIS GAME NOW*!!!11

  • If the next update turns out to be as good as it looks.