Thinking way too much while playing

When SF4 first came out last year, I was playing great and was pretty confident in all the fighting games I played (3s, ST, CvS2, etc). Now a year later, there’s been a lot of times that I keep over thinking about what to do during matches, going into matches with a “i’m gonna lose” attitude, and finding myself focusing on my thinking rather than reacting to whats going on in the game.

What do you guys do to get over this “slump?”

take a break from the game. you could be burnt out. i took a week off to play mass effect 2, now playing a few rounds of SF4 and i’m enjoying it again and not overthinking matches.

Ya on the real, overthinking is kind of a good problem, because I’d say the majority of SF players do very little thinking at all.

I think you can play through slumps and you’ll come out stronger, but most people find it easier to take a break. Just remember why you enjoy the game, and the challenge, and don’t get frustrated with yourself.

I sometimes reach a point after playing a few hours when I feel like I’m no longer improving, and trying to think too much about what I should be doing differently during battle often causes me to play worse.

For me the solution is to just stop playing and come back the next day after I’ve had enough sleep. It’s when I sleep that my brain reinforces my memory, including my muscle memory for execution, which helps to make that execution become second nature so the next time I play I can spend more time reacting.

Go back to playing after a soul search and walk around town to Dust in the Wind. :smiley:

But seriously, pre-occupying yourself with thoughts in general just becomes extra voices in your head, extra voices in your head that you’re listening to. While taking a break and clearing up your head will help, you also have to try to make sure you keep those thoughts under control. First, try taking a break and see what happens once you hop back into the fray. If that doesn’t work, try alternate methods of playing to keep your mind off of worrying so much. One thing that helps me is that I challenge myself during a fight by restricting myself to something. It might sound like you’re thinking more but it kinda gives you a non-serious thought towards the moment and also helps you improve your game.

Also, don’t do drugs. >.>

I wouldn’t say over thinking’s a problem if by that you mean you try and play mind games with your opponent and just eat hp srk repeatedly, many people online just put no thought in to what their opponents doing at all, they might as well be playing 3s’s car smash stage throwing out any random move - what you need to do though is be able to identify when your opponent is a zombie before you loose a huge chunk of life, then they’ll be free.

Having said that an “I’m going to loose” attitude isn’t great. As others have said, maybe taking a short break would be healthy just to get you out of that mind set. From personal experience taking a break can help a lot and you’ll come back playing better - however you can also play through that slump - end result is if you just play through it you will probably end up better than if you took a break, but taking a break is no play time, playing through it could be quite a bit of play time, your choice =). I tend to just play through slumps and not worry about it too much because I know I’ll come out the other side.

Something else to note is maybe this slump of yours has a cause. I’ve found when I enter a slump it’s normally for an identifiable reason e.g. this may sound a bit stupid and I feel no different, though if I’ve been eating healthily I play a lot better than if I’ve been eating a lot of junk food, drinking coffee also often makes me play worse (even if I can’t feel the effects of the caffeine) and lack of sleep/exhaustion/hunger always make me play badly, as does having something else on my mind. Also I play better when I’m exercising regularly.

^Yeah, same here. I usually play through slumps because the overthinking thing helps me most of the time. If some situations in the game are really bothering me, I’ll go into training and try to simulate those situations and figure out what my best options are. Then I’ll try out those options and eventually instead of overthinking during the match, the stuff I figured out (that works) becomes second nature/instinct and I don’t have to think as much about it anymore.

The only real problem I see from overthinking is that it can lead to you freezing up during a match and letting your opponent take control instead of just playing and moving foward. Hit some buttons… it’s the best way to find out first hand what works and what doesn’t imo. Sometimes during casuals I try really unorthodox stuff to see if I can find something new, regardless of the match outcome.

Also I agree with the staying moderately healthy thing. Personally I play a bit cranky/worse if I don’t get enough sleep/eat right/use the damn bathroom every now and then. I don’t think long-term breaks are necessary to get out of a slump but I tend to take a break from FGs in general whenever a new 1P game I’ve had my eye on comes out.

Now that I think about it, I have been getting like 5 hours of sleep every night for the past few weeks, damn school =.= Guess I’ll just have to play this out, thanks for the responses guys.

Also make sure you aren’t playing the same character relentlessly. Switch it up every once in a while. This was a huge problem of mine, now that I have a handful of mains instead of 1 it makes it 100x better and you’ll find the game much more enjoyable.

Also…take note of when you’re playing to win, and when you’re playing to learn. When you’re playing online or casuals, it doesn’t really matter to much. You’re trying things out, seeing what works…figuring out setups. Does it really matter if you lose these matches? As long as you’re starting to hit the stuff you’re trying to learn, I don’t think it does. You may have lost the match, but you finally landed the fadc combo you’ve been grinding in training mode.

Haha yeah, I main Random Select. :smiley:

Lol, Banky with that random. MM at the next meet?

Stop caring for a while. It could be that what you once needed to think about, you don’t need to anymore, and it’s getting in the way of progressing.