Third character to compliment my other 2 characters?


So I’ve been playing USF4 online for a while, been hovering around the 1000-1500 PP range for a bit, and I’m looking for a third and final character to take with me to my local scene. I currently play Cody (almost 4k BP) and Dictator (just past 3k BP), which are both offensive characters, and I’m looking for a defensive character or someone who can do ok both offensively and defensively.

[] Boxer (~1k BP): I’ve had a bit of success playing him, seems like he can play both offense and defense well.
] Guile (~1.2k BP): My main playing Super Turbo on GGPO, definitely a defensive character.
[] Sagat (~1k BP): Also play in Super Turbo. He seems a bit like a shoto to me, also apparently he is the only character I can AA consistently with.
] Rose (~1k BP): Pretty sure she is the “Red Mage” of the game, can play offense and defense ok, and reflect is awesome. Her BnBs can be punished though
[*] Yang (~800 BP): Seems like the coolest out of all the characters listed, but he has a DP, divekick, command grab, and best mixup game. Kinda hard to play though. Also my 3S main


Just stick to two, you’ll do a lot better.
But if you really do want a third that can play “offensively and defensively” it would probably be Balrog or Rose out of those characters you listed.


I was kinda thinking those would work too, but I’m not sure which one of them covers Cody and Dictator’s bad matchups, because I’m pretty sure they are similar. Also I think both Rose and Boxer don’t have good non-super/ultra reversals either…


Rose has an insanely good backdash, she doesn’t need a “good reversal” with that. She does have EX Spiral to complement that backdash though, which is decent even though it gets beaten by throws. She’s pretty tricky to pressure on wakeup.

If I’m not mistaken, Balrog can use the EX armor of his dash punches to get out of quite a few setups. He’s less good against pressure on his wakeup though, but he’s still got headbutt and a backdash that isn’t terrible to get out of trouble there too.

The two characters you’re currently playing should be able to cover most MUs, so I agree with Yorkey that sticking to two would be the wisest. Still, if you really want a third one to cover bad MUs, I’d suggest Rose out of the bunch you’ve mentioned. She’s got a pretty good match against Guile, which is pretty tough for Cody, and makes you want to strangle a puppy as Dictator.


Looking at everything you said, i don’t think i can help you, sounds like you just want a perfect over powered character, try looking a tier list, and just play the best characters in the game.


Does Cody have any good matchups?


You are thinking the right way. As a T.O. I can tell you that the people that do the best have more than two characters at their disposal. The guy who wins every time he enters (CORN alucarD) plays Hugo, Evil Ryu, Sagat, and Balrog. Another player who often places top 3 (RZR/TFA Kiu) Plays Oni, Poison, and E. Honda. What I see missing from your character choices is a dedicated solid Zoning Character. Consider Gouken, Sagat, Juri, Akuma, Ryu ect.


According to this tier list for Cody by BJ Unchained (one of the best Cody players in US)… only 4. :confused:


Nah, I was just looking for a third which can cover both of Cody/Bison’s bad matchups, although I’ll admit I was pointing out silly stuff xP