Third hard challenge trial... doesn't work

i’m in trouble with the third challenge hard.
After - lp.COD xx FA i can’t link cr.FP to end with souless

Here a video taht shows my problem:

where i’m wrong ?

thx for tips :wink:

Hi mate, when you ex focus cancel. dash out of it don’t let the focus hit. Then when you do c.fp it will combo instead of being blocked

P.S dash forwards :slight_smile:

cancel the ex focus cancel with a dash

thx so much.

done it ! :slight_smile:

I’m having issues with this one too but a little different. I keep getting a Falling Sky instead of the c.fp when coming out of FADC. It was mentioned (in a Gouken Thread) that I may have to return the stick to neutral before attempting the launcher into Ultra. Just learned this and haven’t had a chance to try it but do you concur or is it something else? Thanks.

I concur.

Make sure your dash is f,f, not df, df, or f,df.

While Abel’s in the dash animation, stick at neutral, then d+fp.

Seems like a squeeze…(FA, f,f, neutral, d+fp)…can’t wait to try. If it works, I’ll be doing #5 by tonight! I heard it’s on par with Gouken’s #4 which took me 5 days to complete but unlike Gouken I feel like Abel’s Trials actually make you a better player. Thanks, you’ll see me again if it doesn’t work. Ha!

You should be able(lol) to do it with your eyes closed. It’s his most practical way of landing ultra/damage in real matches.

time it

i use to always button smash c. hp and hope that it would come out in time

once you learn to time it (just tape c. hp once…) it should come out every time.

you have 5/60 of a second. practicee and it’ll come, trust me. it is no where near as hard as abel/s 1 frame link

Yeah, it is not hard. I usually have bad timing for stuff, but I can single press this combo as well, no need for evne plinking.

Yup. That was it, did it on the third try. Thanks.

That Hard #4 is a little tougher than I expected. Keep getting a Super instead of a falling sky…

I don’t want a falling sky, I get a falling sky, now I want a falling sky, I get no falling sky! Tragic.

I know I just have to be a bit more precise on hitting the corners. Hopefully I can knock it out tonight.

Plinking? Is that like negative edge?


check here