Third party PS4 padhack options

And one more question…

Do I only have to wire up the D+/D- from the USB stuff on the FC4? I can skip the VCC, Shield, and GROUND on there?

Look up the golden rule of padhacking and report back.

Alright I saw some post by Darksakul that says all boards need ground and all boards need power, but it didn’t say anything about shield.

Help a fellow modder out (more than you already have, which I’m appreciative of!)

Shield is ground

And we’ve been helping you out for a week lol

Yeah I just started tonight though :frowning:

Also, now I’m even more confused, because the installation instructions for the Crossbone TE2 flat out says only to use D+/D- in their instructions for SYS2. Is that just because they are using the PS360+ and that is an exception?

That is what I’m talking about. It does say it’s using an RJ45 connector, which I know nothing about, so maybe that is why?

And also those instructions explicitly say to NOT run the VCC or GND for the X1 PCB, only the D+/D-, so that is why I am having some confusion about this. So for X1 I just cut off the D+/D- and did as stated in those instructions.

I have the pad all wired up and have the D+/D- wires on the X1 PCB, going to connect it all tomorrow after work though, tired and need to crash.


Ah okay, so I was just reading the last page on the TE2 Crossbone thread an I saw your post that the 20pin connector for the PS360+ has a VCC an GND in it, so that explains why he didn’t connect those in his instructions. I’m assuming the X1 TE2 PCB has something like that which is why you don’t have to rewire that like how you do the D+/D- ?

Are you using the 20pin connector? If not, you have to run wires for everything. All the inputs, power and ground, and both data lines.

At some point you have to take the reins on this since you’re doing it yourself. This is why I charge to do it for others; it’s simply too daunting for some.

Good luck

Furthermore, there is a thread for the te2 crossbone; I would suggest asking questions specific to that application in that thread.

To be fair I was quoting Toodles.

No I’m not using the connector, I’m just going to be soldering the PS4 wires directly to the straight row of points.

And as for taking the reins myself, yeah that is what I’m doing, but there is some contradictory instructions on what to do which is where my confusion comes in and I don’t really wanna F anything up if I can help it.

The “Golden Rule” is to always wire up the VCC, GND, D+, and D-, but then in the first post of the TE2 Crossbone thread, with the instructions on how to install it from the creator of the Crossbone, he doesn’t wire up either of the VCC and GND for the X1 PCB or the PS360+ PCB (although, as I mentioned above, it now appears that the PS360+ has the VCC and GND in the 20pin connector, so it is being wired up there - but it isn’t wired to the explicit spots on the top right of the Crossbone).

Thanks for the help thus far though for sure.

Let me give you a hint: having redundant connections won’t hurt. Just don’t mix your data lines and don’t connect power to ground.

Follow the instructions in the first post in the crossbone thread up to step 6 (this is when it goes on about the ribbon cable and ps360+, neither of which apply to you).
Take your ps4 pad and connect wires to all the signals (home start select, buttons, triggers, usb data lines AND power and gnd+shielding which are the same thing).
Take the other end of the signal wires from the ps4 pad and connect them to the corresponding points on the crossbone.
Set up the switch on the crossbone using something other than home/start (I suggest one of the 8 face buttons like 2p).

Yeah I have my pad already wired up, having trouble with the Crossbone though.

So I actually have to run a wire from the SHIELD point on the FC4 to the GND on the Crossbone though? I just had wires on VCC, D+, D-, and GND.

But until I resolve the issue with my crossbone I’m not going to bother connecting the PS4 pad to it.

No, Shield is ground. You already have the yellow wire from your USB out soldered; that’s enough

Hawky, does “your” P4 controller need Inverting like the original ps4 controller? Since the L1/R1 buttons are active high I need to invert them on the orinal controller to be active low. Thanks

I’ve only experimented with the board on it’s own and not with dual modding which is when you’d need to invert them.

I’ve only experimented with the board on it’s own and not with dual modding which is when you’d need to invert them.

That seems like some pretty pertinent info to be even considered in this thread

I feel a little stupid now!!

Do I only need to invert triggers when I want to use it in a dual mod?!

Wil all all buttons work without inverting if only I use the P4 crontroller on PS4?

I just wired up a original Dualshock 4 and made all the inverting :s I also did the 10k ohm to pad 4+18 was that not needed either??

It will work either way, dual or not