Third Stike: The Best Game Ever, Ever Ever


I love this game, maybe a little too much, but I love this game.

That is all. :blush:


hells yes it is. we beast. :nunchuck:


This is gonna attract so much drama.


sean pawa








Third Strike is the game that got me into fighting games in a more serious way. I hadn’t played any fighting games since I was little…mostly just n00bing out on SF2 for SNES. I honestly have been playing more 3S lately even though I bought a PS3 solely for SF4.

I hope that 3rd Strike stays strong and we continue to see it at Evo and SBO for years to come. Its still a very deep game, even though everything there is to know about it has already been revealed for the most part.


I’ve been playing fighting games since WW hit the arcades, but I have to say 3rd Strike is one of the most fun fighting games I’ve ever laid hands on.


yeah i once read a book over 400 pages oh hey whatcha doin oh watchin jerry springer


i heard this game has ultras.


I love 3rd strike. I’ve been playing it since it came out.


You’re not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think its anything like the best, but I will sure feel like casuals have skullfucked the fighting genre into shambles if SFIV completely and totally replaces it rather than running alongside it.


Whats third strike?? lol jk

Hell yeah this game is sick!! 10 years and people still play it


3s will never die. fight for the future.

to 3rd!!! cheers!


f the haters 3s 4ever


this board is hella dead, that’s why ppl get away with these kinda posts :smiley:


can this game be played at PS3 ?