Third Strike 3s Ranking Battle, Season Finale! Friday June 6

alright ladies and gents, this is it. the ranking battle season finale is here, and i want to end it with a bang. the poll tied in between friday and sunday, and since i have resumed my raiding days, i will have to run this on friday. please, if you are going to play, spread the word to your fellow players so that they can play as well. i’d really like to end it with a capped tournament again.

location: #3srb on EFNET (
time: 9pm edt (GMT - 5, PST + 3)
registration: 8:45pm edt -> 9pm edt — 32 PLAYER CAP.

format: 2 out of 3, double elimination – players must choose their character ahead of time and stick to them throughout the entire tournament
emulator: nfba dtr9
kaillera: feb 11

optional/required: hamachi (
***THOSE WHO CANNOT ACCESS THEIR ROUTER TO PORT FORWARD – you’re REQUIRED to have hamachi in case your opponent is in the same boat)

there will be NO USE of kaillera servers (west wonderland, godweapon, etc) – you MUST have hamachi if you are unable to host/connect to other players. in the event that hamachi does not resolve the issue, i will arbitrarily assign the winner via coinflip.

if you miss registration, i will only squeeze you in IF there are openings (games yet to be played, byes)

brackets will be posted online; read them CAREFULLY. players may proceed to continue playing their next matches so long as their opponent is also done. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OPPONENT.

if you are in winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals – RECORD YOUR MATCHES.

if your connection is SPIKEY (read, jumps or stutters when you play), do everyone a favor and clear it before the tournament, or abstain from joining. if there are complaints, i will personally connect to the accused and find out myself.

seeding will be based off past performances

**THROUGHOUT the tournament (including registration), i will NOT be responding to any private messages.

ALL WINNERS must report their wins to me.

to grab my attention, either type “exo: [whatever you want to say]” in the irc chat, or private message me via the “/msg exo-tech [whatever you want to say]” option…**

current standings:

  1. exodus - 170.5
  2. chi-rithy - 136
  3. devilzknight211 - 57
  4. tenren - 45.5
  5. cruise - 44
  6. nica ko - 43
  7. kamina - 42
  8. rpd rookie - 28.5
  9. zerog - 26
  10. neiman - 20
  11. ken-i - 18
  12. lord bbh - 17
  13. spectre7 - 16.5
  14. suleman - 15.5
  15. noobiegamer - 15.5
  16. brit-brit - 15
  17. shinshay - 14.5
  18. shodokan - 13.5
  19. sensifield - 9.5
  20. hitman-striker - 9.5
  21. bars n hooks - 8
  22. mariodood - 8

This battle is about to explode…

boo~ it should be on Sunday.

i decided not to vote, but if i had, it’d be friday! and of course, since it’s at my convenience, i decided to do it on friday instead :smiley:

boo~ i hope no one show up. :arazz:

wow u guys got KO in your ranking battles i never would of thought he would play online

Nica KO and KO are completely different people.

o i didnt no sry

i take that as a compliment lol…i wish i was that good though :smiley:

Oh man, I am so there!!

You’ve gone back to the darkside? Thought you were done with 3s.

I’m in this, as soon as I fix my damn nfba internet client.

Nobody’s used 12 this entire time, only character not used.

this still going down?i aint got anything to do so ill eneter

exodus totally forgot to run this ranbat, so I had to run a little tourney to make up for it.


Vids will be up in a few days.

Next week will be the season’s finale.

See you there!

Haha sorry I had to split so fast… my mind wasn’t on Street Fighter… my GF and I were supposed to go out LOL. Next week I’ll bring my A game!

sorry for bustin out chun-li i just felt like bringin her out for a tournament match lol :-p

ggs to you and everyone else i played…ill be bringing my A+++ game lol (hopefully =P)

Nah I don’t mind the Chun Li… I actually was having an argument with my GF between your game and LION’s so I feel like I lost interest in the tourney. Nothing against LION though… he beat me fair and square.

LION wins…but takes a piece of the opponents soul as well, so naturally today you feel a little lighter.

trying too karakusa into karakusa that yea dud guy cost me winners bracket …oh the joy of imprinting my methods on the opponent.