Third Strike 3s Ranking Battle, Season Finale! Friday June 6

i am so terribly sorry to everyone that showed up last night. my mind was totally elsewhere and i completely forgot about the ranking battle during the day, and then my GF coerced me to go to some dinner with her friends. i know it’s not an excuse, and i felt absolutely terrible when yeah dood called me and asked me what was up. thank you henri for running an alternative to please the masses. i have pushed this back to next week, and i will definitely be there =X

eh it happens…we’re all human afterall…i was gonna post on that same day as a reminder but i forgot myself…oh well…see you all next week

on a related note, how come there was only 14 people there…? that is surely disappointing. amazingly disappointing…have people really lost interest?

Everyone should kill Exo for such a slip up.

Anyways, do it today and I’ll enter and win :arazz:

no think it was just cuz no one was reminded about it…the last time someone posted in this thread was about 4 days ago…and just yesterday darkhokage posted something but i doubt ppl got around to it…ill try to remind ppl and stuff for the next one

told ya it should’ve been on Sunday. :arazz:

Now I can’t even enter for the June 6th tourney. Ah well. It’s all good Exo. Really wasn’t that big of a deal to me. :smile:

This Friday ppl…practice Up!!!

cant wait to see some good shit lol

i prob wont be there

hmph TRAITOR stick to the Tekken forums :-p lol SHODO COME BACK TO THE JEDI KNIGHTS of 3S!!!

I’m there dude

LION teams up with sidious too eradicate you jedi scum

lol that was soo corny but it made me smirk lol

Exo we should have a team tournament sometime after the season finale maybe on sunday or something

Is this open to anyone? If so, Im in on friday.



One question, why not move the whole tournament to 2DF, it will be much easier, imho.

not rly…ppl cant host on 2df…and hamachi cant be used to connect when on there…plus it wont be as organized since there are soo many users there

Bump for Exodus :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, i forgot this was tonight.