Third Strike 5on5 Final Picks and Tournament Information

As part of our EXTRA events at Evolution 2005, we are proud to announce a 5 on 5 exhibition for Third Strike. This will be huge sequel to the 5on5 that happened back in 2002.

3 Captains

California Rep
Mike Watson

His 4 Picks
Amir A
Yi Wang
Paul Lee
Hung Bee

Texas Rep
Hsien Chang

His 4 Picks
Alex Yoon
Mike Lai

East Coast Rep
Justin Wong

His 4 Picks
Ricky Ortiz
John Flash Gordon

Shoryuken Wildcard Picks
Victor Vance

The final two spots will be decided by a 16 man double elimination tournament to be held at Evolution 2005 at 9:45am on Friday August 12th. The tournament will be one game.

Best of Luck to all the competitors.

What!? Where am I?

VIC WIN THIS SHIT!!! U have to for the love of dudley and all that’s american win this shit!! We don’t need an ass load of kens on this shiznit. Not to say they couldn’t own with ken, but come on variety would be so much better…


for the sake of curiousity how was the SRK picks decided other than Victoly?

Who is this guy???

naysayism is going to win.

Ah shit, my boy Naysayism holding it down for all the low-tier warriors. Good luck.

wow, naysayism is a wild card…top shit. represent dude.

with the way this is set up, there is more prestige in taking part and being able to qualify from a tournament of this caliber than there is with just being on the team. ironic isnt it?

you know what dude. imma say it right now. you are just a punk bitch who doesnt know when to stfu. take more shots at me asshole. go ahead. not like others havent already tried. wtf r u gonna do?? you aint gonna do nothing but sit there and hide behind your keyboard. just like the rest of the punks who talk shit on here. if you would like to accomplish something, make a bet, offer a challenge, do something chump. otherwise, shut your pie hole already… moron…


best part of the wildcard shit is naysayism didn’t know he got picked till i called him and told him he said he wasn’t even gonna go to evo but now he gotta

he was lyin to make it more dramatic. baited.

Use that top tier shit Naysayism! Give em a taste of low tiah powa!

OMG, naysayism is cool and all, BUT…they need to take him off the list ASAP and put emphy or someone else who can actually compete in the tourney on there.

emphy placed in any major? or went to a major for that matter.

Has naysayism placed in any major? That dude was in my pool at TS5, he went like 1-9 or something :confused:. I see your point, maybe not emphy, but you could def. do better than naysayism.

emphy and sex i should be there

something about that list just doesnt seem right…

just let justin pick the team.

i heard Emphy is WICKED SICK. (from credible people)

havent heard anything about Naysayism. Not hating on him.

And i know for a fact that Watson is fat.

diew lay watson LOL

hrm interesting.