Third Strike air reset "unblockables"? Is there a name for these?


I’ve seen them used a few times, though I don’t know what they’re called. When somebody gets reset while in the air, but they’re still vulnerable, so the other player uses a super and the only way out is to parry it. Is there a name for these?


there’s no formal name so we usually call that situation “reset into super.” any variation on that is fine. dont use “unblockable” because blocking in the air wasn’t an option anyway.

apart from with genei jin, good players dont really use these anymore except in low health/chip and some gimmick scenarios. be aware that if you start parrying the super then get hit by something else in the air, the person attacking you is going to build a lot of meter from those later hits. parrying in the air resets the scaling on their meter gain, basically.