Third Strike Art/Infographics


I’ve been meaning to make a thread for anything anyone makes and wants to share. Or even just stuff you find and want to link because you think it’s awesome.
I know at least a few of us are in the creative industry (graphic designers, illustrators, animators, etc.) and I know others draw just because they like to (Aku?).

So why not share it.

Yuuki and I were talking and he linked a matchup chart for ST that had nice little swatches for each character’s different color sets. I’ve seen that before and use something similar for choosing colors for work.
I mentioned making a matchup chart because we don’t have a nifty looking one for 3S, the only one we have is also pretty old and people might feel a little different about things now. So that’s something I plan to be doing.

I also plan to compile and illustrate a lot of the movement data in the game and maybe even make dossiers for each character that summarize all their techniques, show hitboxes, illustrate frame data, etc. Kind of like a gameplay poster for each character with artwork and a well designed layout.

I thought some of you might enjoy these, I think they look alright. Though the 3S characters are rather hard to break down color wise because lighting plays a huge part in their appearance, (Oro, Ibuki, Dudley come to mind)

These aren’t all that exciting but maybe it’ll get the ball rolling…

Edit: Wanted to add this info.

I’m going to be slowly adding stuff to this again. With some actual graphs but I thought I should just post some data for discussions.

Throws come up a lot. That some seem faster or just different, ranges are confusing, etc.
So what I compared was actual throw range which is the range of the throw hitbox extending from the character pushbox AND what I call ‘visual throw range’. Visual throw range is from the tip of the characters passive hurtbox (hittable box), not the end of the pushbox. This comes closer to representing what things look like when you see a character idling or walking as far as where their feet are and how far their throw extends beyond that.

Ryu is the standard (1.00) for both (24Throw, 19VisThrow) These are all neutral throws.


1Hugo: 1.33

2Alex: 1.25

3Necro: 1.08
3Chun: 1.08
3Urien: 1.08

4Oro: 1.04 (Moves)

5Gouki: 1.00
5Remy: 1.00 (Moves)
5Ryu: 1.00
5Q: 1.00
5Ken: 1.00

6Elena: 0.92
6Twelve: 0.92 (Moves)

7Dudley: 0.83
7Makoto: 0.83
7Sean: 0.83

8Yun: 0.75
8Yang: 0.75

9Ibuki: 0.67

Visual Throw

1Urien: 1.26
1Necro: 1.26

2Q: 1.05
2Hugo: 1.05
2Ken: 1.05

3Ryu: 1.00

4Gouki: 0.89
4Sean: 0.89
4Twelve: 0.89 (Moves)

5Remy: 0.74 (Moves)
5Alex: 0.74

6Dudley: 0.68

7Oro: 0.53 (Moves)
7Chun: 0.53

8Ibuki: 0.37

9Yang: 0.26
9Yun: 0.26

10Makoto: 0.21

XElena: X

Urien and Necro both do not have extremely remarkable throw ranges. Slightly better than Ryu.
But their visual throw range is way outside the norm. This gives the effect during actual gameplay that their throw range is very big. Which also usually makes us feel their throw might be faster than normal (because we are grabbed from a further range than seems normal)

Moves just means they move some amount. Oro moves like 1 pixel but it counts! Twelve and Remy both move quite a lot when throwing. This gives them a unique advantage. It means that while visually they don’t appear to have very extreme ranges (like Necro or Urien) it allows them to be safe before throwing potentially. Since they effectively teleport (like a kara throw) their range is deceiving also.

Sorry Elena people but she is just a mess since her hurtbox and pushbox move around every frame. I could do a range but I’m lazy. Eventually I will add it.


This sounds really cool. I have zero artistic ability and can’t contribute anything useful but I’m really interested to see anything that comes out of this.


someone recover the link to CASA’s website!


I forgot to say in the other thread-I was going to say it when I could’ve been the first poster before everything else happened, HexSells can stick around or go back a little bit to see when people posted things like the old Tougeki program with cool and hilarious images like RX holding up a piece of foam mimicking an Aegis Reflect

Nuki and somebody else held downback on the other side of it!!

& you know I made silly mspaint things before, some lightbulb inspired by great context at the time, and the Dander image someone made that one time, could at least inspire you Bob, to draw you or your Igloo before someone else does. That could get you your avatar back to be whatever you want–$5 its like that group of posters and is some K-pop girl too. “The Beast is unleashed…!”


I know there was a recolor thread.
Doesn’t take long to do and everyone would learn a lot about color if they tried it.


this is the ST chart/diagram.

I know match ups are difficult to say in 3s but the color + button chart is really cool.

It was nuki and ko. It was in the sbo catalogue I believe the year RX, nuki and ko teamed together (2008)


it would be cool to have a matchup chart the same way they just put together the ST one. so someone asks Nuki MOV and Rikimaru what they think Chun’s matchups are… etc.

with the already understanding that 3s isn’t always about matchups, it would still be a cool resource to put together. and give some insight into what Japanese top players think of everything these days.


Having a discussion with Yuuki about matchups and how you would even go about making that chart he told me something interesting.
Apparently Rikimaru has said in 3S, due to parry, there aren’t really any 8-2 matchups. I’ve felt 8-2 is just made up for a while so it was cool to hear such a strong player basically confirm that feeling about the game.

So my thought then was why even bother really with numbers? The numbers are abstract (just number of wins in 10 matches ‘equal skill’ players) but also specific enough to have distinctions like .5 (I’ve seen on some Vampire matchup charts). So what do those things actually represent? Really a 5-5, 4-6 and 6-4 are all within the same realm, a pretty much equal match, it’s going to come down to so many specifics to determine the winner (and no two players are equal skill, ever, because we can’t even define skill exactly).

Then why not just use disadvantage, neutral, advantage? If you need to be more specific, use some kind of set of icons to illustrate some unique advantage in the matchup. That works better than 1-.5 differences in wins.

Just playing around visually based on this chart: Matchups
I made this. The groupings are [2-8, 3-7] [4-6, 5-5, 6-4] [7-3, 8-2]

To be developed into something more, but just as an idea… I don’t think its a bad one. Just need to figure out some kind of really simple format to poll any of the stronger players who want to respond (japanese, euro, NA, etc. though i think everyone would be most interested in the japanese perspective, myself included).


curryallergy sf2 blog might still have the matchup chart up when they asked top players about the specific matchups on a per character specialist basis, the oddball outlier silly one was JWong’s Sagat chart.

Getting a poll of every player you would want for every character, certainly would take time, and a consistent player effort to gather that information whenever you can, and of course keeping the chart constantly updated as that info rolls in.

Comparative charts by region before you combine them all into one soup is a good idea though that probably also hasn’t been done before? - Gian polled players after SBO 08 was the first link, still looking - America player, polled other US players and NKI

So that was different than I remembered. A third one new to me is even more detailed down to games played and W/L record. Specific to one character, but maybe some good ideas there too if you have the time to gather that info for all characters.


I think like Tebbo said, the best way is to generalize the match ups instead of putting numbers on them. not only because of the type of game 3s is but because we would need japanese players input for it to be accepted as credible.

this thread isn’t a tier list/match up discussion but a thread for artistically showing 3rd strike information and data.


Straying more I think it would be interesting to get low tier top players input. Tm, ysb, sugiyama etc.


That first pic of Tebbo’s color chart made me giggle so much. It makes the characters into unbelievably cute boxes.


Might have been easier to identify if you arranged them via tiers. ;p

Speaking of matchup charts, that color coded ST chart reminds me of the ones me and a few other guys made for certain other games (P4, Injustice, DOA5) on Google Docs that automatically colored the cels based on the matchup.


I thought about that but since I was just throwing them on the same page I put them in the character select screen arrangement.
I did it by memory but i’m 99% sure it’s right.

Yeah there are a bunch of ways to do it pretty easily but for me personally, it’s more about presentation than just having the information.
I’d like to make something useful but also nice looking. Same with the ‘dossier’ idea. Presentation goes a long way to getting people interested.


You need to put that image on a shirt Tebbo. I require secret 3s apparel.


That’s not a bad idea.
I’m not sure if there is some weird copyright infringement even if it is art if its based on a specific IP.

There’s a lot of stuff we could do as far as third strike like that.

Didn’t you work on some oro stuff at one time? I know alien nose job does the color edits and stuff but I thought you did some also.

btw incase anyone was wondering about the colors on with the matchup chart idea: they’re inspired by the versus city cab colors.


I always wanted the CPS 3 shirt from the basketball stage. In black tho


i second this idea!
btw, i did a ton of oro color edits in that thread back in the day.


Oh wow I forgot about those dudes chillin’ in the background, brilliant idea.

If you find some of them, you should share for sure. Also you made that pocket fighter Oro too right?


Decided to do the 3S MU chart using the Google Docs thing I helped develop.