Third Strike Channel on SynchTube - Streaming Third Strike 24/7!

Hi guys,

I’ve started up a SynchTube channel for Third Strike matches, tutorials and more. I thought this would be the best place to let you all know.

If you’re not familiar with synchtube, it takes less time to check it out than to explain, but in short it’s a site that allows you to stream a playlist of youtube videos that synchs to each user. A chatroom is also available just like you would see it in a common stream.

The channel is and I will be doing my best to keep it running 24/7.

We have a twitter account here in case you find that the stream is down or not working. It’ll also be updated with any schedule changes or special events so make sure to follow!

Special thanks to The Shend for the insane amount of content he provides!.

Too awesome! :slight_smile:

What a legit tool for any upcoming 3s players and just 3s players in general.

A stream that shows top level 3s 24 hours a day… faaaaaantastic! :smiley:

Thanks man, really this was the first thing I thought of when I found out about the site. Hopefully it picks up soon.

This seems neat. I’ll probably just throw this on whenever I have some free time and I’m not looking for specific vids :slight_smile:

Feel free to use stuff from my channel if you need anything from current East Coast.

Sounds pretty sick. Do work for the community.<3

Thanks. I will most likely enable public mode (where anyone can add videos to the playlist) simply because it would take me forever to add enough content to have it running for more than a day or so. Everyone has the option to vote a video to skip it so if something unrelated is uploaded you can just vote to skip.

Also, once I have enough content and regular users coming in, I would like to have themed weekdays, stuff like “Low Tier Monday” and “Japanese Play Wednesday”. I can save playlists to differentiate the content so it would be easy to manage.

I’m open to any and all ideas and please do register and chat when you visit so we can get something going!

great move for the 3s community! respect!

This is really cool, would rather watch matches on here than play sf4.

I think these are good ideas, but you may wish to limit who is adding videos, since it could be over taken by SFIV people, 4chan, or random trolls if you make it completely public… Maybe you can grant access to only a handful of people. The other downside would be random people putting up match vids of random players, but labeling them as like RX vs Nuki so they get more vews on their YouTube channel. That’s my two cents. Maybe the public thing will work out though.

Love the idea of the themed days!


Yeah, that’s why it’s set to private for the moment. If and when there’s a steady amount of viewers we can have 3 or 4 moderators that would hopefully keep things clean.

Awesome idea. I’ve been watching crap (mostly ponies) on synchtube for months, but this is very exciting.

Thanks for this channel! Goes off to browse Hugo & Urien matches

this is pretty nice.

can we request or add videos to the stream? or do we have to be an admin to do that?

ill be promoting this on a 3rd strike facebook page so more people can watch :tup:

sweeet. I approve.

This is good stuff.

Awesome, favorited. Will be my new thing to do in the mornings when I don’t have to work:D

lol who needs the news or ESPN or even cartoon network when they got a 3s channel now lol only difference is you gotta click the mouse rather than a remote control to get to the channel lol

Are you streaming GGPO matches?

Take what you like boss, awesome :tup: