Third Strike Character Theme Tiers


To each his own, friend :slight_smile:

I dont have 3SO yet either, but Im like 80% sure you can switch everything to be just like original Third Strike. I hope so anyway. Movin On, Lets Get It On, and the main third strike theme were all so good.

A lot of you are mistaken
Kobu is a god tier song that fits Ryu perfectly.

I guess my list would be

God Tier:Beats in my Head, Killing Moon, Kobu, You blow my mind,Snowland
High Tier:Jazzy NYC '99, Crazy Chilli Dog,China Vox,Twilight,LongShoreman,Q,Psych Out
Mid:Spunky,Crowded Street(3rd strike version)
Low:The Circuit
Absolute trash: The beep

3rd Strike

Top Tier
Jazzy NYC

High Tier
Theme of Q
Killing Moon

Mid Tier
China Vox
The Longshoreman
Crowded Street
You Blow My Mind
Psyche Out

Low Tier
The Beep
The Circuit
Beats In My Head
Crazy Chili Dog

Gutter Trash Tier:
Every 3SOE Remix

2nd Impact

Top Tier
Bottoms Up
Nile (Urien)
Leave Alone

High Tier
Sao Paulo
Jazzy Nyc
Good Fighter
Nile (Gill)
Crowded Street (Yang)

Mid Tier
Crowded Street (Yun)
The Flame
Funky Bay
Sharp Eyes

Low Tier
Get on a Train
Cave Man

As good as 3s’ music is, NG and 2I were just better in that department.

And… Fuck. I should check the thread dates on this thing…