Third Strike emulation on a Raspberry Pi


Has anyone tried playing third strike on a raspberry pi? Saw this video and wondered if it’s close to the arcade version.


Since it’s MAME, it’s most likely closes to Fightcade (which runs MAME, I think)

It still follows the spectrum of: Arcade > CRT OE/Anniversary Edition > PC Emulation


Thanks for the response. When I saw the video and heard the guy talking about the Raspberry Pi running CPS3 games smoothly, I had the hope that this could possibly replace having to build a supergun to play arcade 3S at home. And that’s pretty much not the case. It was a lot of wishful thinking on my part.

For what it’s worth, if anyone was thinking about trying this, the game does run smoothly for what it is, but there is some considerable input lag. Same goes for basically every other fighting game (that I’ve tried anyway).


if you want an emulator that is pretty close to arcade (not identical but not too far off in input lag + game speed) Shmupmame is pretty good. telesniper mentioned that groovymame might possibly be even better, but it sounds like it requires more knowledge (knowledge which I never learned enough about).

not sure about the Raspberry Pi. but if hooked up Shmupmame to a CRT from your computer I think you’d be pretty “in the ball park”


I thought it used FBA?


Can’t Raspberry Pi be fully programmed though? Unless the lag it’s inherent in its hardware components themselves there’s still hope someone could make a custom build with the lowest possible lag (and correct 59.whatever hz refresh rate to boot)


Imagine that.
That would be godly.

Like a build specifically for whatever version pi. That’d be really nifty.


Have this on my pi 3. Runs beautifully. Me and my little brother hook up two xbox TE’s and play every time I go to his house. Never noticed any input lag whatsoever.


Looking for that again, after Humble Bundle offered legally purchasable ROM’s from their SNK ones.

Groovymame got rolled into a bigger Mame project.

But it got a lot less intuitive to just put in your game and run it. Shit, it didn’t even work at all for me.