Third Strike HD Remix

I did this today in what I’m guessing was an hour (inlcuding breaks).
I started off on the head and I tried to boil it down to a system but then I noticed you need to take some artistic freedom if you want it to look like more than just a 2-SAI doublesize (Snes9x emulator upscale method). Notice the teeth and extra detail in the uplifted fist. I probably could have done more with the hands.

I’ve done stuff like this before when making Chibi versions of game sprites was all the rage. Thinning the doublesize lines back down is very tedious stuff. I know there’s still a lot that can be improved on in this one and I only didn the upper body, but it still makes me swoon over the thought of 3S having double its current resolution… :lovin:

PM Shade so he can she you the meteor boobie psylocke.



He made a HD version of Psylocke from MvC2. It’s boobalicious.

At least I think he made it.

I made this:

…PM shade.

WTF must pm SHADE!

very good work man, alot of hard work there , looks great !

Thank you!

So what’s the secret?

Tracing over with the pencil tool and manually detailing it?It looks very cool.

nice work folks, Psylocke looks sexy.

Wow! How long did that take to do?

Heh, the extra-bounciness makes it more silly than sexy, though… :lol:

Err, I actually didn’t make it. though I think I can make some high-def Mvc2 sprties now that I think about

Shade found it somewhere and posted it in the HD ST thread. Oh, and the boucing isn’t extra…that’s actually how that sprite moves.

Yeah…Capcom went ridiculous with Psylocke’s boobies in X Men COTA. I guess that was also one of the reasons why she was my favorite. I remember just making her walk back and forth to watch her jiggle when I was a kid. How bout dem ninjas.

In SF4 Ibuki will fill out and have 42 DDDs.

ibuki isnt even good looking

Nah, it would be more like 36 DDDs… Cuz remember that the number is the ribcage, not the breast size. :rolleyes: If you have a woman that measures 42in around the torso, you’ve got a big gal.

you and i must fight to the death

I forget that ALL THE TIME.