Third Strike in Berkeley Area?

Ok, yeah there was another thread for norcal/berkeley arcades, but that’s not what I’m asking. I want to know where the third strike scene is at now. Gonna be a freshmen at cal, moving up from socal, (gonna miss ffa so much), but gotta move on. So where are the hot spots for 3s?

as far as I know there are no more arcades in the berkeley/oakland area; everything gradually shut down over time. Best options are to go to MGL or SVGL. That or check out Keystone 2 (san jose) or my spot in oakland. We generally play over here on sundays, sometimes not at all. I have all japanese cabinets running third strike, alpha 3, super turbo and a couple of other random games on rotation.

check the thread and PM me if you want to come by and I’ll get you sorted with directions to the house…

best bet is to go to this place.

The closest place to place is probably at Tiger’s place.

But if your willing to make a little sacrifice then drive to s
San Jose, that is where the 3S competition is at. Go to Keystone Thread for info.