Third Strike Junkies dot com!

Whats up everyone!

Me and some other 3s enthusiasts have launched a new website which will be the home of the 3s Junkies podcast, as well as a blog for several experienced 3s players. Please check it out :slight_smile:

Also we have a facebook group too with fun 3s discussion. De4dEyE aka ROM is a member!!

Hopefully we aren’t lazy mofos and get consistent content.


suggestion, fix the line height and paragraph heights, it just looks like walls of text. A light sprinkling of colour wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

ty. Our designer will consider your criticisms with great thought :slight_smile:

Just posted this on the site already, but if you would like a match vid of yours analyzed and critiqued on the site, pls send them our way!!

forums? :expressionless:

Please so we can abandon this place.

The podcast links aint seem to be working. Getting a hotlink error/message “stop stealing, ya asshole!”

Siiick looks nice :3

Hm I’m sorry about that. Was working earlier but I’m getting the same message. As soon as its fixed I’ll post up, thanks for the heads up!

Don’t forget your ball.

Srsly, I’m happy if you’re happy :tup:.

No idea what you mean.

Cool site though guys, good idea too and makes accessing the podcast a bit easier.

This is a great idea.

haha, as much as I’d love for all of us to branch off from SRK I just don’t see it being very feasible. Plus with all the info that is already here, would suck starting over

Ok try now! Should be fixed

Like the Cross Counter style “analyze your video” concept.

I don’t see any drunk girls on the site yet

halp :frowning:

Sick, pherai! I like what I’m seeing!

Do you mean all the bad info? the misinformation and guesses?

We can do it mannnnnnnnnn. phpbb is free. An actually organized and reformatted forum minus the 3S hating trolls would be really nice.

better yet hot drunk fighting game cosplay chicks, lol!

nah really, cool site guys! I look forward to further updates.

To be fair, though, forums take a lot of work at times. Haha. Though with smaller communities they’re handled pretty easy. I should know, I own and solo operate the entire domain (ignore home/arena they’re junk placeholders). It’s always really hard to break off of a much larger site like SRK and establish yourself, though, and eventually lower activity can totally kill any smaller site you make. It’s definitely got its benefits though.

I actually like the 3S site, especially the newest blog. Haha. One thing I will suggest that will help a bit is to VERY SLIGHTLY turn up the text color so it’s closer to white. NOT A LOT or you will give people bar vision where they see lines everywhere they look after they look away from the screen. It’s a side effect of dark backgrounds and bright text, but at the same time you want to insure it’s bright enough to be very easy to read for everyone.

I’ll probably submit a replay of me getting blown up or something so you can guys can trash it and have fun or something, maybe it’ll spark some more kids submitting there. I really like the idea behind that as I think it’ll be a good method of drawing in activity.

lol no shit I used to go to aconline but I absolutely hate the ac community in general.
V looks pretty sketchy. I was big into chromehounds and played a lot of AC3 and ACFA.

I’ve actually been to your place before because of some discussion on second stage boosting I think. Or maybe bladers, I don’t remember. Regardless that community is mostly 14 year olds and I can’t handle it despite really enjoying AC since AC2.

ACO blows, yah. Haha. It’s dead now, though. It’s really just a bunch of disgruntled LR players now at ACU, hahaha. Big problem is mostly that I let them have a big relatively unmoderated forum, too. Kids are crazy when you let them say w/e they want.

We play AC:LR on XLink Kai, btw if you ever wanna DO BATTLE.

Anyway, don’t want to derail the thread so I’ll stop there. Haha.

EDIT: We barely ever talk about AC, hahahaahahahahaha. Fk yah. Like 50% Street Fighter 50% Brood War. So good.