Third Strike: oldskoolers?

I know this game his highly played, just wanted to know if the majority of oldskoolers (who basically grew their fighting skills with the ce/hf/st/a2 style) like the sf3 third strike game, or they just refuse to play it? Just curious

I find the game very cool but I encounter tons of players, used for example to st, who dislikes the 3s engine.

Forgive me for a bad english

Most of the players who played ST or the alpha series before SF3 came out dislike the parry system. I could tell you when, but you are better off searching for one of the threads about disliking parry, because I’d rather not start another 30 page discussion on it.

I’ve grown up on all Street Fighters, and I love them all for their own reasons. I think the Parry system is amazing, and the games without them are great to play as well.

theres also less emphasis on controlling space and footsies compared to alpha series, cvs2, st etc.