Third Strike Online edition music packs

So I’ve had both the New generation and Second impact music packs for OE for a while now and noticed I can’t find oro’s theme from either game. I go to downloadable content> my content> music packs and everyone else’s theme is there, but on the Brazil stage only Sean’s themes from New Generation/Second impact are listed. I know Oro’s themes are in the packs because I’ve watched replays where they are playing.

Would really appreciate any help, I much prefer Oro’s themes to the longshoremen or Seans themes. I’ve tried reinstalling both music packs but I’m probably just missing something.

Are you talking about to set as menu music, because you stupidly can’t. They didn’t take shared stages into account, so for menu music Alex, Sean, and Yun supersede Ken, Oro, and Yang. Unless I’m missing something really obscure.

Nah I it sucks to hear that about menu music but I can’t even set it to play in matches because I simply can’t find where they put Oro’s themes.

Well, they’re grouped together regardless so changing Sean’s stage music should also change Oro’s. Ditto for Ken’s and Yang’s.

But Sean and Oro both share a stage, is it random whose theme is played? I’ll try it out, I don’t think I have Seans themes set on, but i’m pretty sure I’ve heard Yangs theme before.

No, Sean’s stage is harbor during the day, Oro’s is harbor during sunset.