Third strike online or marvel origins


I’m wondering which one to get, I’m basically a marvel player but I heard that third strike has a better netcode and more people. so basically, which one is the better choice? third strike or marvel origins?


Play both on GGPO.


MvC: Origins has an updated version of whatever shit they used in 3sOnline, I mean that with the challenge trackers(spamming buttons won’t increase your tracker’s score like it did in 3sO), and the lobbies show people’s ping by number instead of colors. And since we’re further out from 3sO’s release than MvCO’s, I’d wager MvC has more players on it.

This does not mean 3s wouldn’t scratch your itch, it works well enough(Game irregularities with the arcade version aside), the online is solid, and the replay system works just as well as MvCO’s.

Judging by your signature, you enjoy UMvC3 enough to have a team in it, so I’d guess MvC:Origins would interest you more.


origins sucks, get on dat ggpo


3soe has a mediocre netcode but a lot of people playing it. Marvel Origins has godlike netcode, but very few people play it. Pick your poison.


Just wait for me to finish my game and then you can donate to me for server costs.


Netcode of 3SOE is not mediocre, it’s good with good connections and people on your area. Most people think it sucks because there are no filters, no regions, etc… so everyone play everyone, no matter the country etc… and btw, OE will receive an update to fix these issues.


Hence why I call it a mediocre netcode. It does a decent job with connections, but usability options are absolute shit. Take the good, combine it with the bad, you get mediocre. Maybe I should’ve specified that the online matchmaking service as a whole is mediocre.


I agree with you about that, options, menus, matchmaking, ranked etc… it sucks and it was not really hard to just copy and paste what GGPO already have.


wow it looks like we got pirates on here…


No one is on Origin. Good luck finding a match there.


Just like Skullgirls, the online is great, you can setup the GGPO delay before play with every opponent when you see his ping and the game itself recommend to you the ideal delay but… no one play this game, no one.


What the fuck is Marvel vs Capcom Origins?