Third Strike Online: What system will you be playing on?

Ps3, but I might be buying an xbox due to the majority of my friends playing on that…

xbox for sure

Ps3 :d

PS3. Maybe I’ll get it on the 360 to play with certain friends.

PS3, but I really doubt I’ll be playing online much (if at all). It will just be good to be able to bring my PS3 to meets instead of my laptop.

Nintendo 64

Both…and I’d be down for filling my friends list with some fellow 3s heads.

I will buy a copy for both to show support.This is what I’ve been wanting for 2 years now,I’m so happy.

ps3, almost sure

ps3, almost sure

why not make a copy for PS2 ??? i have mine sitting here connected to the interwebs

If I get one, PS3. Being broke as fuck however, means I’ll probably just keep playing it on my laptop. X_x

ps3 son.

omg lol that was funny because this game isn’t really being released for the nintendo 64.


I’ll just dig up my old n64 with my Zelda games. Memories…

How come 40% of voters are getting 3s for 360 but all comments are for ps3??

Anyway, when it comes out I’ll get it for ps3.

When is it coming out anyway?

ill buy whatever console has the best port of 3rd strike or if enough players i want to play against use the same console i will get that

denjizz: n64 zelda games were sick. i need to go buy a used n64 ha! crackhead stole my n64 out of my friends car one year, probably pawned it.

ocarina of time and majoras mask were classics man. reasons enough to own a n64. im glad i never sell any of my games lol. you should replay those two. no idea where you can buy a used system from. maybe you should play it on your pc instead.

cause they already did that

if you mean online, LOL. capcoms gonna host a server for the few stragglers that dont have ps3s 4 years after theyve been out? get real

360, maynes.