Third Strike Online: What system will you be playing on?

Both probably.

The PS3 is in the family room so I’ll just play on 360 when I can’t play on PS3.

One way or another, I will be able to play 3S. :bgrin:


I’m leaning towards the PS3 because of the following: Free online play. Plus the controller suits me. I’m using a logitech when I go online and I love it. I prefer PS-style controllers over Saturn-style. I heard the D-pad is pressure sensitive though.

What’s preventing me from committing to it are two things: The lag cause by an update to HDR that has never been fixed. The lack of competition. There’s more 360 users than PS3 users, so it goes without saying there’s more high level people on 360 than PS3. Plus I head the PS3 SSF4 Online community is pretty small in comparison to the 360.

What prevents me from buying a 360: The high failure rate. The $50 price tag per year to play online. And not finding the right controller. I bought one of those Madcatz Fightpads and the D-pad was horribly stiff.

I’m not a big gamer, I’m really only into a handful of fighters and will play the occasional FPS on my PC.

Personally as I play Xbox Live a lot so the $50 (now $60 unfortunately, DAMN YOU ESPN) a year is worth it. I cannot recall what the Xbox 360 S system’s failure rate are in comparison to both original and Elite models but I guess it’s much less.

For your case, just play on the PS3 and enjoy what’s provided.

I’ll probably get it for both. But if I had to predict which one I’ll play more, I’d probably guess the 360 version. Playing fighting games online kind of sucks no matter what, but in my experience the 360 gives you much more solid connections than the PS3. This is based on HDR (terrible on PS3) and SSF4 (not too bad, but not as good as the 360 version).

PS3 for awhile. Then sooner or later I will buy a 360 if the netcode is good so I can play more people.