Third Strike Podcasts

I remember when Gootecks had a bunch of podcast on his site. I listened to the SF4 podcasts and a couple of the 3s podcasts. I can’t seem to find his old 3s podcasts and the Denjin Arcade podcast links are dead. Anyone know of some old podcasts I can check out?

This podcast is super funny!

Some nice guy uploaded the Denjin Arcade podcasts :slight_smile:

Could anyone who downloaded the megaupload tell me which podcasts are on it? I have most or all of the Dr.Sub-Zero show, but if there’s other stuff in there, I’d like to hear it as well.

Just listened to the ipw podcast w/ Pherai. Good stuff, man! :slight_smile:

Listenin to this. Gosh I wish I was as cool as pherai.

oh and thanks for the link! been looking for those!

"…If any other team stepped up, and was like oh a chun and a q and nobody, i’d be like ‘oh my god give me a break. they’re done dude! they’re done!’ "

Episode 1 (pherai, Sanchez, Amir, Shogo)
[(‘’)] - 69:44 - 31.9 MB

Episode 2 (pherai, Sanchez, Shogo, Bebop, UltraDavid, Dae, BustaBust)
[(‘’)] - 78:12 - 35.8 MB

Episode 2.5 (pherai, Sanchez, Shogo, Bebop, UltraDavid, Dae, BustaBust)
[(‘’)] - 73:35 - 59.5 MB

Episode 3 (pherai, Let Blood Run, misterbean)
[(‘’)] - 49:10 - 54.9 MB

Episode 4 (pherai, Dae, ComboJack, Keno)
[(‘’)] - 1:26:16 - 86.2 MB

Episode 5 (pherai, Shogo, SHGLBMX, Bebop)
[(‘’)] - 1:29:30 - 81.9 MB

Episode 6 (pherai, Haunts, misterbean)
[(‘’)] - 1:15:44 - 69.3 MB

Here is Gootecks with 2 episodes of the Denjin Video Podcast. I seems; if my memory serves me right, they are the same as his early podcasts that I still have not found.

The links seems dead CriticalShot. Great stuff though, perhaps you have them on a server which is offline this moment?

Anyway thanks for the link Pherai, these are great to listen to when I am traveling.

My post was basically a response to jwangggg as to the contents of pherais post (link). My thread was actually because the links on Denjin Arcade were dead, sorry for the confusion.

Oh I’m sorry, my mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dr. Sub Zero podcasts.

[SIZE=2]Pedram’s Super vs Battle 20-X Interviews:[/SIZE]