Third strike ps2 online?

Idk if this would be redundant or not but is there a way to play the 15th anniversary on ps2 online via some sort of netplay? If so is there less lag than fightcade? If there is a way to do it I’d like to learn about that even though it’d probably have more lag. Idk this questions just been itchin in my brain

Probably unlikely that you could play anything online with the PS2.
Someone would have to recreate the server

There is this site here

As Street Fighter II 15th anniversary on the PS2 is concern, the PS2 version does not have Online functionality, that is only in the OG Xbox Version.

Also Nope, this is a bunch of normal dudes trying to set up servers on their own PCs, and networking their own PS2 to their PC or Raspberry Pi First before connecting to the internet

I don’t know why you’d want to considering 3s Online is better than both PS2 and Fightcade in terms of the port and the netcode. If you’re looking for a better experience, I’d go that route.

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I was more curious than anything. I figured nobody would go through such efforts to do something pretty redundant but retro modding has some dedicated fellows out there.

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The Dreamcast got a dedicated scene that open to new folks for online play, but the PS2, you are better off with something else