Third strike ranking battle season finale!

before i announce when it’s going to be, i’d like to take a poll to see which day is appropriate for the most players. i’d REALLY like to get it back to capped (32 players) like last month, so help me out and show up if you can!


this poll closes in TEN DAYS. this will allow me to post the tournament thread on wednesday of that week.

YOU MAY CHOOSE MULTIPLE DAYS (for those players who can make both, or all 3 days)

will these be held at the same time (9?) or will it change depending on the date

sundays at 9 are too iffy for me cuz i got school the next day…maybe if the time could change then it could be better for some ppl

P.S- Team tournament ranking battle after the finale or what??? =P

Friday or Sunday is good for me. I’ll try to make this my priority next week because I really want to do another one.


and yes, it will still be at 9pm.

Friday works a hell of a lot better for me and a lot of other people I’m totally sure.

damn. I definitely won’t be able to join the next one but if the next season is over 2 months, I’ll give the one after that a try. I’m sure I’ll get my stick down by then.