Third Strike Roullette Teams (2v2) @ Chinatown Fair (NYC) 6/17

Ok, before i procrastinate any further…

Justin’s April Fools 3s team tourney idea has inspired me to [attempt] to hold bi-monthly 2v2 team events using the ever-so-random lottery (or the roullette-of-uncertain-fate).


Date: Sat, June 17

Chinatown Fair
8 Mott St
New York, NY 10013
Cross Street: Between Worth Street and Mosco Street (next to the crackhouse:tup: )
Directions: 4, 5, 6, J, M, Z at Brooklyn Bridge


Q,R,N,J,M,Z at Canal St.**

If there is an “undesirable” amount of entrees at 3pm, i’ll take a vote with those that signed up to see if they would like to postpone the tourney up until 4pm. More entrees, more $.

$5 (beans, bones, buckaroos, etc.)
People, please have a 5 bill ready . I’m not getting change or breaking stuff for you.

(default) 3pm on the BIG CABINET.
And not that CF tourney 3pm, where it starts at 6pm. I’m p-u-n-c-t-u-a-l.

this will be a TEAM event.

Teams will consist of two(2) players.

Teams will be decided by LOTTERY. Meaning, i put two(2) of each # in a hat and match up people in accordance to #s (e.g. you draw #3, someone else draws #3, you both team up, yay!)

Once the drawings for lottery begins, your $ goes in the vault i.e. my pocket. Do not ask for your $ back.

Round Robin (default)
One-point matches. Point is awarded to team that eliminates both players from the opposing team.
Win/Loss will be recorded to avoid insane tie breakers (can you say “3-way”).
Face-offs/tie breakers will be Two-point matches (eliminate team twice)

Should there be a LARGE turnout, the teams will be placed in the standard pool/bracket and the tourney will commence in that manner. This is highly unlikely to happen for a local event though. :rofl:
This will be double-elimination, One-point matches
[e.g. your team loses, gets sent to losers bracket, winning team moves up in brackets, your team loses in losers bracket, you go home]

Grizzand-finals will be 2/3 (two-point)

Entrees can vote for a 3v3 event in the Round Robin format.

Side Info:

If you win with the character you are currently using, you MUST keep that character for that match. When a new match begins, you are allowed to change your character and/or the order in which you and your teammate wish to go in.
(e.g. my ken beats your ryu, i keep ken to fight your teammates akuma, my team wins the point, in the next match my teammate decides to go 1st and choses Chun-li, etc.)
This applies to ALL formats wheather it be round rob or brackets.

“Judgement” victories apply. There will be NO REPLAYS for a Judgement win.

Pot (not the good kind):
60/30/10 (default)
This is likely to change. Entry dependent.

Sorry but this is the best i can do with one cabinet. If i try to d-bo the other cab too, ppl may complain and then “Huey” will shut the whole establishment down.

Any Q’s & C’s, post up.
Hope people show up. The last event was REALLY fun and raaaaandumb. :looney:

yay… hopefully the other half of players who didnt show at the last random team tourny will show! if that happens it’ll be pretty big, ne?

(i’ve been reading too much hunterxhunter)

A CF tourney that will start on time? The hell you say! :lol:

If thats the case then I’ll stop by and play. Here’s hoping that the tourney starts at 3 and not the sign-ups. :lol:

Yay, I’m there.



members of srk: if you are a member to any other game related site (CV, DL, RC, etc) could you post the info for the tourney in the appropriate forum as a favor to me. :wink: I’d appreciate it.

btw, let me know what site(s) that you posted on. thx

MC:your lum av is epileptic inducing :wtf: :looney: :wasted:

I’m there.

What are people doing there already? It doesn’t start for over a month.

june 17?!?

i’ll be in scrubby miami… =/


dont worry hialeah is cooler than the rest of miami. heck any other place in florida is better than miami. fans the summer flames of hate

The Tournament is on JUNE 17th, SATURDAY!

thats how advanced the tournaments i run are. they happen in the future…NOW. buuuweeuuuu :cybot:

i even have the results. i’ll put them up tomorrow. which really means today. and if your too slow, they’ll be up yesterday and the thread will be gone :looney: :rofl:

:amazed: didnt u READ, boy. 5/17 (MAY 17) doesnt even fall on a SATURDAY, guy. omfg :rofl: good job :tup:

snickersnicker* he didnt read it :rofl:

i’ll be in smelly miami may 17 anyways…

i guess this will be the post-ECC warm-down event.

be there!

So you’re saying that the tourney will start at 3pm if we have enough people? I know I wont be there till 5pm but I’ll pm you my # so you can call me when the tourney is going to start. :lol:

a tourney on a sat yes and I am on my new schedule no more bs

You’re banned from playing Bacardi.


fate says your on my team lol

Yeah, that sounds about right, I tend to have that kind of luck going for me anyway.


you mean bad luck, right?

you ended up w/ me last roulette tourney. as sexy as team ‘bleeds 2 much’ was, the odds of two ibukis taking a team event is very unlikely, regardless of skill.

youd better hope you end up w/ one of the ‘gods’ on your team.

I had more fun being on your team though.