Third Strike Secret File

I am a big fan of Capcom secret file booklets. (or any artwork that includes Capcom animation line art) Does anyone know where I can view the secret file for Street Fighter III Third Strike online? I remember seeing it ages ago but haven’t been able to find it recently.

Not sure if 3S is here,but try this link…has lots of Capcom secret file stuff…

also try this site:

then go to “Flyer Database” and like under S for the secret files for different games. It’ll say “SF:game name” I’m almost POSITIVE that 3S isn’t on this site,but there are tons of other secret files for other Capcom games. The first site I posted may have them,though…I don’t have time to check at the moment.Hope these help…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the links. Arcade is where I saw most of them, but unfortunately they didn’t have the 3S one, that first link seems to be of the Capcom Design Works book, but thanks anyway.

Try this thread, lists plenty of sites that might be helpful.