Third Strike self-ownage collection

Lock if it is old.


Fucken terrible hahaha.


The music is what made it incredible.

Yes, music completed it very well.

the last clip is the best ever lol.

the music was beautiful. The Hugo and Urien pics made me laugh to.

The last part is the kind of thing where you sit down and contemplate life for a few moments.

Incredible lol. Sad though, cause I still do some of those things from time to time :confused: I’m just thankful I don’t have a youtube video capturing it all, placed with that music and random/funny portraits.

Can someone explain?

the Hugo face was priceless.

Demom dash- its just a bunch of typical fuck-ups compiled from real matches.
ie:Karakusa into nothing(mistimed standing fierce)
Hugo going through hell to fuck up a 360 throw(instead f+FP comes out)
Ibuki and twelve having no priority and losing what should be at least trades

What I mean is why does it say 3S beta in the video discription? I can’t read japanese so I’m kind of left at there…

the video is the beta version

Pretty funny, definitely feeling the Hugo part.

Funny video :rofl:

anyway, can anyone tel where can I download the BGM its a cool song

haha, too good :cool:


its like someone made a video of all my matches ever


That GG one is good but, it’s all just purposely done in training mode it looks like :confused:

I feel for all those Makoto mess ups. That’s the most frustrating thing in the world when you pull a ridiculous setup for a karakusa then just fuck it up real bad. But that Hugo face definitely makes me feel better.

lol @ 3s last clip, and lol at the Zappa wall combo with Raoh then it just dissapears.