Third Strike self-ownage collection

Urien/Akuma pics were hilarious.

The last part was like a watching train wreck :smiley: I saw it coming as soon as the super flash happened :rofl:

I do that Makoto mistake all the time. Damn DP.


See, that thing at the end with the Reflected Hadou is something that’d happen to me. But I’d be playing as Ken.

I don’t even know how that could happen…

That Urien one early on,where he missed the unblockable and then ate a Strong Shoryuken,followed by the WTF pic was classic.

I bet that Akuma player at the end of the video shat himself when he saw his fireball coming back.

XD at the yun throw, resulting him to hit the aegis and die first

i’ve had this happen to me a few times its awesome

the urien “wtf face” was funny as shit…

This video is classic.

I want the song as well now. I’m guessing no one knows the name of it? :frowning:

I just lost it when Urien gave me that “WTF?” look. 58 seconds into I think I shat myself in a glorious ripping of the pants.

1:28 is just ridiculous.

I cried.

i was laughing so

so hard

Nigga whiffed four fucking moves, and says “Fuck it, I’m going for it!”

Just search google. The song name is Kotoba ni Dekinai(Cannot use words/Words cannot describe/Words cannot say) by Oda Kazumasa.



“Everybuddy knows thut Zangeef iz uh rubbish charactah. And 'ees no bettah in the Tuhbo version.”

Real pros don’t block yo.


omg those dudley ones.

short short uppercut.

juggle into, whiff upper.

story of my life.

this is the first time i LOL’d at a sf3 video in a long time. thx for this.

shouldnt this be in the vid thread?

Rofl, I am going to end up watching this video almost everyday, you win.

move to 3s forum, for great justice.

That was fucking terrible…

The Randomator?