Third strike SFX

I’d like to find the character voice SFXs from Third Strike, anyone know where I can possibly get them from?

I meant… in like a Dowloadable format XD wavs mp3s and whatnot

oh sorry. I though you may have meant that. well, I am not sure but I hope you find them. If I stumble across anything I will post it here.

You would have to get the soundtrack. How you do that is your choice.

Steal it.

The Soundtrack would have like the character attack voices? Like Dudley’s Corkscrew Blow and Ken/Ryu/Akuma’s Hadouken and whatnot?


Yes, it is not unusual for a soundtrack to put in voice collections. Arcana Heart 2 did the same. In case you want to cut certain clips from the whole track, you can use Audacity(since it’s free).

If you obtain a (legit) rom you can load it up with any CPS3 emulator, access the sound selection mode and play every sound sample in the game. You could record them to wav or mp3 with whatever desktop audio recording sofwtare you can find.

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Look for the Video Game Music thread, the OP has lots of lists of sites that you can try. Just download the MP3.

I was able to rip the long stream… unfortunately I don’t have the proper tools to edit it all apart.

While I’m waiting!

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this!

here you go