Third strike sketchbook

I am thinking about making a third strike sketchbook after I finish the challenge. offers self publishing, and you can make your own book. From hard covers, paperback, to comic formats, lulu offers great selection. You have to have a certain amount of pages if you want a certain binding. I’m going to try out the hardcover 24 page color. It cost only 20 bucks. Buddy of mine made a 30 page b&w color cover for 7 bucks and it came out fabulous.

This is the cover, spine, and backing I have designed so far. Still need to design the interior pages. I’m spreading the word if any of you are interested in making your own book. You can even sell your books after making them also on the site. Pretty rad in my opinion. Copyrights by capcom so no sell for me.

good shit sfmc.

if you need any help with the design of your book just let me know. i’ve doon magazine covers, logos, posters, tshirts, and a few other things. so i have a real good eye for design.

if you wanna see some of my work hit me up.

Actually Seth do you know where I can get a font that looks like the one from sf eternal challenge book? That squarish roundish look. I am on macosx and I really can’t find one.

Can I show you some of my interior work and you give me some pointers on what you see? I’d like to keep it very simple and not too fancy. Kind of like an interior decorator who wants a minimal look to conserve space. That slick look.

I’d also like to take a look at some of your stuff.

as far as that font goes, i think i have something like that in my arsenal.
and i like very simplistic designs also.
show me whatever you think i should see and i can tell you the good and the bad.

here’s some of my work. tshirt design im working on. another tshirt im working on

Haha, man Seth, I remember the days when you were MS PAINT only, look at how you’ve progressed. Crazy.

I’d love to help as well, but I’m extremely rusty, and haven’t done anything graphic design related (save avatars, if you want to even put them in the same field) for like half a year now.


Holy Crap SFMC!

I needed to know about this YEARS AGO! I could use it for my Duckie cartoons and make a Coffee Table version and a Valin TPB!!!

This is a great Find!!!

Great stuff Seth. I like your fonts in the bombs away mag covers. Basically I have 3 formats my pics come in. Side text, bottom text with no box, and box with text on right hand corner. My examples are in this pic. These are test pics so they kinda suck.

Chibi if you see something cooler I can do that would help also.

Cp yeah I figured people like you, Satsanasov, and deonysios would like this since some of you guys are looking to make books. Good start on getting test prints. Cheap too. Definitely be perfect for your duckie comic strips and valin. Valin in comic format colored, can you see it?

Hey, this is quite neat. Cool idea and cool site. I like the simple design on the character names. I think as a design critique, I feel that the box around Yun is too thin, sharp and dark compared to the friendly thick lines you have for the other ones. Might try making the surrounding box a little thicker and colored, kinda like a matte board when you frame something. shrug although I’m not much a designer myself.

Another Print-On-Demand service that I’ve been told is pretty good is Although that one is aimed directly at comics producing people and doesn’t have all of the different products that Lulu does.

i like the bottom text with no box since it isn’t as obtrusive as the other 2. The vertical strip divides the page too much imo so that all you have left is a very tall space. is that the alex for the 3s challenge? dope! The box might work better for pics with backgrounds, like the YUN one lol.

Yeah, I was just about to point out that’s YANG, not YUN. Or is that Yang without his hat? I don’t know.

Maybe try putting corners on that specific picutre, but OUTSIDE of the actual frame. Meaning taking away the actual border line, keep the corners, but that place them farther away, as if you had enlarged the picture.

(I’ll give an example, hold up).

Truthfully speaking this certain image manages to frame itself quite nicely without the need for much anything else.


Hey Chibi, I kinda like that idea y6ou threw out. I dig. Think I might go with that for my bordered pics, unless sopmeone has better ideas.

Yeah I play Yun so much my mind got twisted and told me that was Yun haha. At least I did’t get Ken and Ryu mixed up, that would be worse.

Thx for the help so far.

i see no problem with the dudley and alex setups except for the fonts. i can give you some nice ones over aim or just email’em to you. and for yang i think chibi’s idea is pretty solid. or you could make your drawings take up the whole page and leave like 2cms of blank space for names.

oh and i’d be willing to work with you on every page to add more originality to the characters if you wanted to take that route. but if not it doesn’t really matter because the direction your taking it now looks official anyway.

but yeah, just gotta work on text’s placement and presentation.

If the corners idea doesn’t work then as a last resort I’d say you could frame the picture the same way you (perhaps) unintentionally ended up doing with the Yang piece, ie create a frame in the actual piece without actually putting in an actual physical border. This would require you to add more / go back and alter certain pieces, but it’s a suggestion I thought I’d throw out anyway. Either way I think you keep the space free / managed well without being constrictive the way a simple black border would end up being.

Also, it’s not 100% necessary to put in their names at all. Having a ‘cover’ page to a chapter would clue in folks as to what character is being displayed in said chapter, though I believe you’re merely going with one illustration per character (which would null and void this idea all together haha).


awesome find, pete. Im gonna relay this site to the rest of my crew. And a 3rd strike sketch book would be killer. I’d buy one, if u could sell them.