[Third Strike & SSF4] Super Canceling Help


Hello SRK, I need help with Super Cancelling.

I understand the concept (or at least I think I do). Just do the motion for a super during the motion of another move. But despite my incredibly deft mashing attempts I have never truly pulled off a calculated super cancel in either Third Strike or SSF4.

With Third Strike, I kind of skipped around super cancelling by only doing it when I did cr.MK xx fireball into shinku hadou (easiest super cancel of them all). But when I see Ken players do crouching short, crouching short xx shippuu jinraikyaku I am absolutely marveled, especially since the hit confirm seems to be so fast. I have no idea how they complete two quarter circles in such a short span, so I guess that’s my first question.

In SSF4 I discovered a nifty shortcut for, say, cancelling into Ryu’s super, which looks like:
apparently in SF4/SSF4 you don’t have to complete the first quarter circle, as long as you go D, DF, D, DF, F you can get a super. Doesn’t work in Third Strike though, as far as I can tell.
But then how do you go about cancelling, say, Abel’s Super from his standing medium punch? Obviously you can’t do :qcf::mp::qcf::mp: because you’ll get a change of direction xx super, which is fine, but if you want to cancel from something faster I really don’t see a feasible way of doing it. Or maybe cancelling into Fei Long’s Super from one of his standing normals without getting a Rekka? Is it even possible?

Thanks for the help.


In 3s you can buffer each qcf during each low short, btw.


i dont know how i learned to short short super. just comes i guess.




It’s just the speed of the buffer. I remember James Chen saying once, when hit confirming, you should always buffer the input, and the only thing you should confirm is the button press. The logic is that it’s much easier to stop yourself from hitting the last button than trying to do the whole motion when the attack hits. And you’re right, shortcuts don’t apply in 3s.

Personally I learned to buffer it quickly doing Makoto’s karakusa-> s.fpxxSAII in 3s, no tricks or shortcuts for that one, just gotta do it. Another good one in 3s to practice is Yun’s s.lp, s.lk, s.mp xx genei jin. If you do it to slow you’ll get shoulder (or possibly lunge fist) which will scale harder than going directly into SA3

Edit: I don’t know about buffering qcfs between two shorts, I just do it on the second…


so you do :d::df::lk::r::d::df::lk::r::lk:

WITHOUT STANDING UP? Wow… I’ll give it a shot tonight but let me tell you my strategic mashing seemed to have no effect. Even cancelling Ken’s cr.MK into Shippuu seems like I am fighting more with the joystick than the game.


That I can do but that’s because Makoto’s standing fierce buys me loads of time to mash the circles out.


No, I meant what d3v said.

Also, if you can do stand fierce into sa2 that’s good cuz a lot of people have trouble with that one.


I get that damn move without even wanting it sometimes the shortcuts can be so annoying.


Sounds like you are just slow. First practice doing supers without canceling/without mashing. Just do the plain old super as quickly as you can. Then practice doing it even quicker. Make sure you get it clean every time. Clean meaning without jumping, without whiffing a normal before the super comes out. This is what you need to work on first.


yo i made a little video for you. hold on while it uploads


made the video to check what i am actually inputting when i do it.
in slow mo it looks like
:d::lk::df::lk::r::d::df::r: :p:

so thats the way i do it, based on figuring it out myself and not trying to input certain things.


and media fire if you wanna download it for some reason.


Thank you very much! I’ll download it now to get a frame-by-frame look at it.


I actually prefer not buffering the motions because if you do short jab short, or jab short short, you have to buffer differently.



Once you get the, uh, “timing” down you won’t even think about doing it

When I was learning 3S it took me a lot of time to be able to convincingly cancel Alex’s st.MP into SA2 (Like a month or so of focusing on this and only this), and there’s hardly any reason to use it instead of st.MK, I just wanted to get consistent at it. I used to get a flash chop 9 out of 10 times

Now I can do walk up st.MP into SA2 while looking away from the game and talking to you. I feel like an idiot for ever having troubles with it. Just keep at it, there’s no way to avoid practice


what do you mean exactly? i dont play anyone that uses short jab short so im kinda confused.


Short jab short gives you three hits to confirm anywhere on the screen (three shorts or three jabs will often fail to combo outside the corner or against characters with smaller hitboxes)

Only applies to characters that can chain LKs from LPs of course (Shotos)


Try an SFEX game, where you can cancel normal into special into super into a different super. That will get your execution down.


Sounds like a plan. I was wondering if I just wasn’t fast enough.

I just tried some short -> short xx super with Ken and Dudley and it works fine, that’s a relief. However, how do you apply this buffer to a standing move from Alex without getting the flash chop problems you had? Or a crouching forward from Chun-Li? Is it:
essentially you just doing the motion with the frames of Alex’s punch, or is it
where you are hitting medium punch as you let your joystick down to do the next motion?

Sorry if I’m kinda prodding too much, but just understanding the methodology helps greatly… this thread is the first time someone has fully explained how super canceling in Third Strike works. I can only assume once I learn the method for canceling standing normals I can be set since it will work in SSF4 too.


i dont play alex so i have no idea how his works out. im trying to mess around with it right now but i cant get it to cancel :P.

as for chun though, you pretty much get all day for the c.mk hit confirm, so i usually just c.mk, then qcf x 2, no fancy tricks