Third strike top 8 on shadowloo stream link to stream here!

enjoy :smiley:

i personaly have been up all night waiting lol

and yeh it is **7 OCLOCK IN THE MORNING IN IRELAND **lol

didn’t know a stream was on tonight. according to the chat mod the top 8 is as follows:

Winners - MOV, Deshiken, Uralla, Umezone
Losers - Akira, Momochi, Kechu, RF

is umezone umezono?

not 100% sure atm man so not gonna say anything
pop onto stream to see.

but atm stream is having “audio problems with ps2 configuration” - mod

they said they will have it up soon .

its sf4…lame

sound has been fixed go to link to see 3s top 8 stream !!!

Deshiken takes it, played great.
Anyways lots of execution mistakes on both sides. I blame the ps2, seriously.

deshiken was crazy. uoh all day.

Ah but was better then no third strike.

pisses me of that there is no variety in chars. my only complaint to third strike

needed more variety thats for sure

Despite some great moments, Grand Finals was pretty poor. You could tell both players were dropping combos and punishes left and right because of PS2. Still, I’m so glad Deshiken won.

then watch less tournaments that allow counter picking. non character lock is a really lame way to run 3s tournaments imo

most of us haven’t seen a single match of his in a long time, then he goes ahead and sweeps that last set. too bad momochi didn’t bust out makoto or yun. and i’m surprised gootecks was so unfamiliar with momochi’s history in the game. his showing with makoto that sbo was probably my favourite of his.

how about no?
its my opinoion ?
dont comment on my opinion ?
ok ?

and yh agree with you aku.

i didnt think the guy would come back . 2 sets

how about no?
its my intention to tell you that character lock tournaments get better character variety ?
don’t be such a defensive baby ?
ok ?

i dont know you and already dont like you

not a defensive baby just cant stand dickheads like you on forums who try to make people seem wrong

thats it. dont comment on my thread bud,your just annoying .

Actually, pherai does have a point on this one. You’ll see a bit more variety in characters for tourns that disallow counterpicking. Either that or a lot more tier-whores, but a lot of characters get represented in 3S tourns and make it to Top8 at least. Check out any of the old Gamers Vision ranbat vids or the Game Bingo tourney vids.

i don’t think counter picking was the reason here, anyway. personally i saw it more like evo syndrome where the best players just happened to be using the tops with nobody else to balance it out who was fortunate enough to make top 8 and thus the stream. if rf wasn’t in top 8 it probably would’ve been tokido.

i know. im not dissagreing with phe. he /she is right
it just annoys me, and i cant stand being told shit like dont watch tournaments becasuse of that stuff.
dont exactly like getting annoyed on srk having to swap between this and iplaywinner,at 9:00 in the morning after staying up all night to watch a stream because chuns and kens >_<

hey bro, you don’t need to worry about going to iplaywinner. srk is iplaywinnder evensctubs and every other website combine because I post here. I am like 30000 people in one.

yh but i was watching the stream on iplaywinner