Third Strike Widescreen Remix Mock Ups *FINISHED*


here is my idea for the grading system for this game to replace the BP or CP of sf4.
it is based around the idea of winner stays on.

everybody starts at rank.1
to move up a rank you must beat somebody to ‘take’ their rank.

a rank.1 beats a rank.3
the rank.1 becomes a rank.3

the rank.3 suffers no demotion.

if you fight somebody of a lower rank and win you get nothing.

if you fight somebody of the same rank and win you get a star.
if you fight somebody of the same rank and lose you lose a star.
up to a maximum of ten to rank up by one.
or to a minumum of 0 where you stay.

starts don’t carry over ranks.


rank.1 - 9* beats a rank.3 - 4*
the rank.1 - 9* becomes rank.3 (no stars)

if you have stars and lose to a lower rank you lose all your stars.
if you have stars and win against a lower rank your stars stay the same.

if you disconnect you lose all your stars.

there is no ‘mamimum’ rank.
it tries to match you with ranks closest to your own aiming upwards.


Here are some mockups I am doing for an Xbox Live arcade release of 3s.How i would like to see it.

i use hor+ with invisible walls as the basis of the widescreen mode.
here is an example to show why:

i think vert- looks total shite.

No.1 Twelve vs Hugo

orignal screenshot

hd mockup 720p

hd mockup1080p


** No.2 Alex vs Ryu **

vs screen original

vs screen hd remix

original screenshot

hd mockup 720p



please try to ignore any crapness in the redrawing and try to imagine how it could look if capcom had done it instead.

**Character Select screen **up next:


hd remixed:

here is a version after i had seen a properly coloured screenshot of the original. oddly i still prefer the first verison i did.

1080p version:

version3 (1080p wallpaper)

possible secret fighters select:

** continue screen **

original screenshot:

hd remix version one:
(i left out all the little white writing because i couldnt read it properly. will put it in if any body has the full words.)

hd remix version two:

4:3 mode experiment:

** top grade versus screen**

original screenshot

hd remix 720p:


** super arts select **

original screenshot:

hd remix 720p

hdremix 1080p

regis reflector:

original gif:


I would love to see this happen. You did a pretty respectable job. I think with the huge sucess of HDR and MvC2 its def possible to see 3s. I sadly don’t think they will give it HDR treatment though. It will likely be MvC2 treatment but to be able to play 3s online and displayed nicely on my LCD would be sweet in and of itself.

Too awesome for words. If they take awesome netcode and widescreen graphics like this, god will surely decend and bring all capcom workers with him to heaven for an eternity of 3s.

thanks for nice words.

i dont think that 3 strike will arrive ever tbh and if it did i can’t honestly say i would be happy with just a straight port.
i want it to have a bitof spit and polish.

it is completely understandable that updating the stages and characters is never going to happen.
i think i have shown with what i did here that it wouldnt take hardly any work to update

title screen
menu screen
select screens

also all the effects in the game (hitsparks ,fireballs etc…) add up to a lot less than 1 fighters sprites.
i dont think it is too much effort to redraw them into hd either.

i am a complete novice with little skill in creating logo type graphics and in a couple of days i have produced a couple of pretty nice(ish) images.

think how easy it would be for a team of pros to fix up some redrawn stuff for third strike.

while looking for the background sprites i noticed they come in quite a few bits with lots of objects aswell (eg forground)

i had an idea,
they could hd remix the forground objects and then use different filters on the BG sprite layers to try and give it a depth of field effect.
i wonder if that would turn out good or crap.

you never know bro should present this to capcom

*i really am hoping for either a 3rdstrike hdremix port
or a cvs2 port. both will be well deserved and fun if polished

To be honest I’d prefer the original art for each character in each bubble, but still superb work! I used it as wallpaper for my new notebook :pleased:



isnt cvs2 done the same as mvc2 gfx wise?
i should imagine that would port over to hd easily with so many 3d elements.

since third strike was already online with xbox live shouldnt it be easy(er) for them to sort out online play for that game?

Why hasn’t anyone paid attention to this? This is amazing.

why not post this on the Capcom Unity?

i can’t be arsed.

plus it needs spell checking and stuff.

This is absolutely amazing. You should totally post this on Capcom Unity. Just make a short post, the amazing pics will do the talking :smiley:
Keep it up!

This is incredible, simply incredible.

Heads at Capcom should see this, just to let them know that there are people out there who care about 3SHD enough more than to simply post about it.

Awesome work!

I’ve taken the liberty of linking to this thread in the 3S HD Remix request thread in Capcom Unity. But really, you should make a separate thread for it there.

nice work

That is amazing work. Awe inspiring!

tell me if people say anything about it/reply about it.

Amazing stuff. Capcom needs to freakin’ jump on this idea already. It’d be nice if they included it as part of the special surprise for current SF4 owners in SSF4, but that has a snowball’s chance in hell of happening.

Bring us HD 3rd Strike, capcom. Please. :sad:

Nice work. An HD Remix of 3S, done in any other way than what’s in this thread, would be a complete failure in my eyes.

i also tried to look at it from the financial side aswell as from my view point of wanting some uipdates to the visuals.

an update like this would make this as hd as KOF12 wouldn’t it?


unity thead is made.

I hope someone at Capcom sees this, I’ve been preying for 3SHD since they announced MVC2HD.

You did a great job showing us how things could turn out.