Thirdstrike and st charge questions


who can i get these games sent to for a recharge?both are working fine i just want to get them charged before the suicide happens .


ST is stupid easy to do you can do it yourself. Go to and buy the battery kit. It comes with the battery and the tool take the casing apart. Once you get the battery and tool kit in remove the B board from the A board and take the B board apart with the tool that was provided with the kit. You should see a battery in the bottom corner of the pcb. Grab a soldering iron with a solder sucker/desoldering braid and remove the solder from the both the negative and positive side of the battery. Once removed remove the battery and set the new battery in it’s place. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CHECK WHICH SIDE IS WHICH ON THE BATTERY AND PUT IT IN THE RIGHT WAY. I can’t stress that enough. If you put the battery in the wrong way you will suicide the board. With that being said you have about an hour to get this done before the security chips lose charge and the pcb dies. Here’s a video for the guide.


Here’s a guide for CPS3. I can’t give any info as I’ve never done it.


Edit: I guess srk doesn’t allow multiple videos in one post