This aint no kids gathering. REAL MAN GAMES


2944 Concord blvd
Concord, CA 94519
Easily walkable from concord bart.10 minute walk max.
I live with my Aunt, brother and roomates so please respect the house when you go into use the bathroom KTHX.
Very close to safeway, and a short ride to other fast food. Also there’s that Mexican place downtown(live 2 mins away driving) which every player who comes to concord seems to like. Please do not ring the doorbell, just walk down the driveway. If the garage door is closed(it may be) knock and someone will let you in. It’s the blue house.
Confirmed Setups:

Bring beer.

Norcal Super Turbo thread
925 FinalBout KOF/AE/UVC3/etc Sessions 925
Norcal Super Turbo thread
CvS2 bay areaaaaaa
Norcal Super Turbo thread

Always a good time at Aaron’s place. I’ll bug Rudy and see if I can drag him along.


You better bring rudy so i can wreck his shit.


LOL you better have another pair of pants to split!


Lol i will wear pants specifically so i can split them. Bring ram too.


Ok, 707 reunion then. Best get Ahrmon in there somehow.


If he isn’t in LA yes please bring Arhmon. My nigga!


I’ll be there!


Well, I’ll be bringing the stream setup so that’s one KoF/UMvC3/AE/etc setup and I’m sure at least one of the other Final Bout guys will bring another.


Thanks for streaming, and what console is your stream station?

Nice, another old school cvs2er.

CVS2 will most likely be on ps2.


I have both ps3 and 360 + same games for both. Just depends what system you want the tourneys to be on. I know a lot of the guys that bring setups for our fight nights only have 360.


Oooohhhhhhh cvs2 runbacks? Wheres tyram???

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Sidebets on Tyram OCVs?


Nah dawg. Tell these cats that they gotta BRING CHAIRS.

I’m clowning, but I’m not really kidding. Haha.
I have a couple folding tables if you need, tho.

Can bring a setup for KoF.
My ST/HDR is still an issue with the licenses but I’ll see if I can get that fixed.

May I suggest KoF start earlier depending on the number of entrants? It’s a 3v3 game, so think of it taking as long as CVS2.
The next day is also a school day, so that might affect people entering.

Looks like this be the day of shit getting wrecked, one way or the other!


lol he’s not clowning, bring a chair if you can. I’m gonna see if i can find some before the tournament though.

Kof will start at 6. Hopefully that’s enough time to get the first round of marvel out of the way. I’m honestly not sure what to expect for turnout.

I’m calling out ram in cvs2. 3 out of 5 loser has to kiss the others feet and call him the greatest player ever on stream.




Hype match of the night, Shoot I may mm ram in Cvs2 also lol. HAIKU GETS OCVD? FUCK lol

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yeah i im in there

edit: ill bring my 360 setup i have a ps2 wit cvs2 i can bring that too if needed


Count me in. If you need anything at all pm me!


Sounds good I’ll be there