This better work

Ight i messed up on the attachment but hopefully this will work. If not, deletion. Plz share your thoughts

EDIT: Yes! Complete success

is this a joke? or r u serious?

What are you talking about? I take great pride in my artwork

another one of my masterpiece. Guess who it is and win a prize

Whats with all these recent lame-ass 2 second paint program pieces?


I enjoy my paint program artworks so i thought i should share, but if annoys you that much, i’ll stop.

Agreed. Yeah 3 of more of you seem to be doing this. Do all you guys know each other or something.

hahaha, why does the pitcher have a pitcher? cant he just tip over.

cmon guys, lighten up. this is funny and that terry isnt half good.

THANK YOU. I just thought throwing in the kool-aid man would make things interesting around here.


::rips the huge fake eyebrows off of everyone who dont like the paint images::

i think they both are cool… the koolaid man pwns. shoulda had him on a skateboard or something with sunglasses for xtra pwnage.

is it better than mine?

Wow. I actually like them.

Yeh whats with the sudden fascination with paint programs…
Also, whats with the sudden bumping of multiple grappler baki threads?

That shit is pretty hot. All most as good as my Grinch.

:slight_smile: Gosh, I Really love the Kool-Aid man pic (laughs). Can I put that on a t-shirt? Try putting some Japanese writing above him like if he’s saying something.:lol: That would be the best!! Do some more Pleaseeeeeee…

How fortunate you stop by here cuz i read a couple of threads where u frequently spoke japanese. I was actually look for some1 who could tell me how to say “OOHHH YEEAHHH” in japanese. If you ever saw family guy, you’ll know why. Or at least what the characters or kanji looks like for it if theres even such a thing.

No outlines! And of course, the infamous pac-man eyes.

Hahha oh man please keep these coming, they remind me of some of my stuff, which I am working on.

k, i worked very diligently on the face and i think u can tell that by the end result. This picture of my idol is sooo beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

i died laughing at the guile…

btw KEEP THEM COMMMING :mad: :mad: :mad: !!!