"This camera can record too?" Spider-Man UMVC3 Video Thread



This is the thread to post all videos related to Spider-Man in UMVC3.

This post will help keep organized all the videos that are considered very important for new and current Spider-Man mains.

Spider-Man tutorials


Spider-Man Combos, Resets and other Techniques


Spider-Man Basic Combos Revisited
Air Throw followup Day -2
CA followup combo Day -2
Xfactor lv 3 Web throw infinite
Corner Combo 996,300 dmg, 2 bars + IF Rising Fang assist
Combo Variations + Doom HM assist
Spider-Man/Hawkeye/Doom tricks and bnb combos
Spider-Man “Basic” Combos by xero15
Air to Ground Combos
UWT vs Mashed UWT
More Air to Ground Combos
Spider-Man Frank West Raw Tag THC
Good Synergy tricks for Spider-Man and Phoenix Wright 1:09:40 http://www.twitch.tv/leveluplive/b/302895440
Spidey/Thor/Arthur Combo Exhibition
Maneuvering around Vajra
Kara Sting Combo Comparison
Combo Fun with Kara Stings

Spider-Man Match Videos by players




Online Matches p1
Online Matches p2
Online Matches p3
Online Matches p4
Online Matches p4.5
Online Matches p5
Online Matches p6
Online Matches p7
Online Matches p8
vs Magneto X p1
vs Magneto X p2






Freeplay vol. 3



Inferno XXII Grand Final
Starts from 13:50 http://www.twitch.tv/dreddybajs/b/308276983









vs Mike



22:30 and 1:33:25 for wins,1:23:00 and 1:41:50 for blowups http://www.twitch.tv/vvv_chibosempai/b/302724484#

Spider-Man Misc.


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That’s to start off with. I’ll have the game in a few hours so you can add my channel too: www.youtube.com/xero18

I hope you’re going to keep the first post updated often


I will keep the thread updated, no worries there.

I already added some videos including the infinite and sure I will add your channel right now


Hey is it possible to just put the links in the spoiler alerts. I believe that will cut down on load times for people with slower internet.


Ok I can do that, let me fix it


Cool… Waiting in front of store… Ideas running through head

Zro was here…


Looking forward to it xero. I’d love to see what you come up with. i got a tourney this saturday! big tourney in texas.


Did we need another thread? As long as you update I guess.


Got it. Anyways there needs to be new threads that should be constantly updated. It’s easier that way instead of looking through old stuff.

Zro was here…


Came up with a corner combo using Iron Fist’s Rising Fang assist into Crawler Assault. 996,300 damage, 2 bars, and no x factor. Made a quick video just to showcase it. Sorry for the bad quality. Always open to capture card donations lol.

j.:s: cr.:m: st.:h: xx :h: Web Swing xx Web Zip j.:s: land cr. :m: :h: xx :h: Web Swing xx Web Zip j. :s: cr. :m: :h: xx :h: Spider Sting, Spider Bite land cr. :h: :s: j. :m: j. :m: j. :h: j. :s:. :a1::l: Web Swing xx Web Zip OTG dash under :l: Web Throw into Crawler Assault then DHC Pillar of the Dragon.



I love you. /notsureifnohomo

Edit: I’m also really dumb for not trying j.:s: with that shit lol.


sick combo. Im trying to do it with RRs log trap instead.


Does the :h: Web swing xx Web zip work mid screen too?


no knocks them back too far. I was trying something like this last night but was trying from the double web swing perspective. This one is much better IMO. I’m starting to notice that Spidey gets a lot more corner crossups with a whiffed move after OTG swing zip thus allowing double web throws. Using DeRezz’s combo and Ghost Rider’s Chain of Rebuttal I was able to link into MS for 769,100 damage. I didnt try to DHC but that’s still good damage people


I’m gonna try a combo with Strider’s vajra kick after the OTG. a ground bounce gives me a lot more time to think of what I’m going to do next. Quick question, how is the online connection for ranked matches? I know Max did a video about it but that was before the game came out so it could be just as bad as Vanilla now that everyone is playing it.


Even on my shit connection I still had a decent match with very little spikes, this is a huge leap considering on the same connection but last game I wouldnt see a jab untill well after a combo hit me. I usually just sit and watch matches though and they were smooth


Nice. My connection is shit all the time. I can only connect to half my friends xbox live parties.


so is my connection, but that’s base internet for you, take that into account that I’m using a Playstation also then yes I’m sure it would be better on Live.


So basically, the game won’t randomly lag in the middle of a combo and cost me the match.