This Character SUX

I just thought I’d say that this guy sux so much that no one will ever come here.




Then how can you kick ass with him.

He can’t of been an after thought of Capcom to put him in the game could he? Random bet from the staff maybe?

How many SNK players begged him to be in this Capcom Vs SNK?

I can’t imagine him being there by popular demand.

Can anyone supply some combos or some decent or even cheap tricks on how to use him.

I’ll take my harsh opinion (Not Judgement) back if someone can show me some cool shit with him.

Honestly I am riveted.

His B&B CC does 10,000 damage. B&B as in easy as shit, and GUARANTEED because it’s off an RC Grab (i.e. you grab, you activate, they lose 10K if it’s corner to corner… around 9K otherwise) - grab, activate, (fierce, c.fierce)x3, (fierce-jab wave)xN, super. He has a killer corner lockdown, esp. against P and K, with Jab wave combos. He has corpse hopping capabilities that can easily be set up with RC Grab, sweep… 50-50 shit with grab, c.jab grab/sweep… He has a lot of stuff. See vids of tragic or Aojiru Guile if you can. You are just extremely ignorant in the matter. He is VERY good in A.


  • You are just extremely ignorant in the matter.]

I know I’m ignorant in this matter, so ignorant that I really did believe that noone would reply to this thread.

The main reason for it was to see if anyone used him. And how to. So cheers for the comments.

I’ll look for thoughs vids. Hope I didn’t offend any Todo players.You are just extremely ignorant in the matter. He is VERY good in A.

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should have looked up older threads

funny…that looked like you just called gunter ignorant:confused:

i don’t play todo, but i know he’s good in C groove as well
he can be good in P groove, but there are other character who are more worth using, but it doesn’t mean todo sucks in P groove.
as for S,N, and K…i’m not sure

**I’ll look for thoughs vids. Hope I didn’t offend any Todo B]You are just extremely ignorant in the matter. He is VERY good in A. **

I’ll look for thoughs vids. Hope I didn’t offend any Todo players.**You are just extremely ignorant in the matter. He is VERY good in A.

That came together in combonation by accident, my bad.

It’ll be cool if I can get good with him. Thanks to my random comments.

I know he definitley holds his own in S groove…fuking todo in desperation mode is cheep shit… lol

Todo exsists just to balance out the goodcharacters and the bad.
The same could be said for Guile, and Dhalsim, and Hibiki.

If you mean, Todo, Guile, and Hibiki were made so incredibly powerful to balance out characters that suck… like KYOSUKE, then yeah.

But then, Kyosuke is the only really useless character in the game.

Kyosuke’s good.
Well, compared to the loads of crap I listed.

Respected players that use Todo: tragic, Aojiru Guile
Respected players that use Guile: Umehara, Choi, Aojiru Guile
Respected players that use Dhalsim: Cole, Iyo

All of the above players have won or placed top 2 in major/competitive tournaments in Japan and the US. And you say Kyosuke is better than these characters that you call “loads of crap.”

What exactly is your authority on the subject again?

C Guile easily the 6th or 7th best Character in the game.

I didnt say a player of great skill couldn’t be good with them.
I said that they suck due to the crappiness of most of their moves.
Dhalsim’s three specials are freakin’ retarded.
Guile’s just pathetic.
And Hibiki’s specials are impossible to do. Hence they suck.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Dude you know NOTHING, can’t do Hibiki’s specials, Guile is horrible, LMAO:lol: :lol:

i swear, ppl are getting stupider the older this game is. U’d think by now u could pull off an easy ass super combo or a simple comand. Seriously u should just stop this game now, cus u can probibly only do dwn Fierce supre with Sagat, run away with roundhouse with cammy, and throw electricity with blanka, u damn scrub

Hi Cammyworshipper. Can you change your name so it doesn’t have ‘Cammy’ in it? This is a major embarrassment to Cammy players everywhere. Thanks.

No… YOU suck. Guile is one of the best characters in the game. He’s got tons of anti air options, his supers are great, and well, theres too much to mention. Check out some Guile vids, and you’ll be amazed.

Hibiki is an EXCELLENT A-groove character. Her CCs have good resets and she can do good damage.Two of her supers can be comboed off of a counter. The motions are simple, you must just be really terrible.

Hm, I didnt mean to come off of that mean… oh wait… i guess I kinda did. Oh well. JUst please think before you open your mouth… wench.

Dhalsims kinda low down on the tier list, but still, just by stating Guile and Hibiki, you’re pretty ignorant. However, Iyo uses Dhalsim with frightening skill.

dhalsim, guile, and hibiki are all better than kyosuke…

i hope you were sarcastic…cuz everything you said seems to be the opposite of what everyone thinks…

hibiki’s super are easy to do, just a simple pattern that you can take 10 minutes to memorize…
guile doesn’t need more moves than he has because he has a shit load of normals that are a pain already to get around…
dhalsim has three moves…oh no…that makes him retarded…i guess that makes ryu retarded too…RETARD…

btw…merry christmas and happy new years…

Funny thread…

I’m bored so I’m just here to reinforce what pretty much everyone has already said…

First… Todo is good AND more importantly, he’s hella fun to use in A-groove… As Gunter stated, his RC command grab is very good/useful.

And uh… Guile being horrible… hmm… Obviously you haven’t heard of this dude named DAIGO who obviously sucks with Guile… how about in the States… obviously dont know Choi either…

Hibiki now… have you ever played a good, or even decent, hibiki? It’s hard to get in on her if played right… Maybe you should play this guy named buktooth and test it out…

Dhalsim… only one who jumps to my mind is Iyo… look for the vids…

Kyosuke… I dare you to look for the vids…