This Character SUX

I take it back


I never knew this thread would be this popular. Cool.

I’ve used this guy alot more now with the advice metioned and he is pretty good in S and A grooves. His CC’s are especially fun. He won’t ever be a favorite but he can hold his own.

So you were all right I was wrong and I’m glad I started this thread.

Dhalsim is great! I really dig him. I’ve been using him since Champion edition. As for the good ol’ rival School Character. I’m a big Rival Schools fan and it’s a pity he ain’t as cool in this game. His aircombos are fun and I dig his air super cancelling in C groove. But Capcom school have beefed him up IMO.

When was the last time someone called you a dumbass? If you think characters suck cuz of “hard to do techniques” then you might as well say the same for a3’s V-Akuma, V-Sakura, V-Karin, etc. Might as well say the same for cvs2 custom combo characters. Might as well say the same for all the characters cause their best shit don’t come that easy to win. Case in point you are a scrub who should give up playing, period.

By the way Gunter what is corpse hopping?? Never heard that term being used.

??? ‘corpse hoppin’ has been used forever… Think terry :wink:

Corpse hopping is when you do a dash or somehting after youve knocked somone down close, thus going over them and mixing them up a bit.

People around here call it cross up dash. Didn’t know. ::shrugs::

Anyone here use Todo in S?
I agree that his desperation mode is good stuff, and I’ve watch my brother do his CC and it’s damage was impressive for its simplicity…

If anyone knows where I can go for more insight I’d be much obliged, I really don’t have the money to throw away learning him in the arcades right now, thanks, Gunters site (BTW good job on the new design Gunter).

i play k todo here’s what i do

poke a lot build meter then when i have level 3 super i run at them from full screen away command grab level 3 super everyone falls for it

“Dhalsim’s three specials are freakin’ retarded”

Ummm… last time I checked Dhalsim has 4 specials or are we not counting the teleport or something like that? Cause you might just want to take a look at the comand list before you make obviously wrong claims.

Asside from being a snazzy dresser, Kyosuke is trash gameplay wise. When you try to put down Guile, Todo and Hibiki, however, the validity of your knowlede comes into question.

Todo is one of those odd characters that are good in essentially any groove he is in. Rather than obtaining some sort of terrible weakness as a result of groove features, he just gainst new battle tactics.

In Say he is best in A and N grooves, hwoever, because essentially all of his tools become available. He has a great and useful command grab that can either be exploited through over-body hops or in a run in roll cancels.

I don’t like S Todo because Sagat’s OWNS him, even his dodge moves, and he can’t do anything till he’s almost dead.

i dont like having todo against a p-groove… with his wave if u press forward once u get to parry his entire wave… thats fucked up

Todo is upper mid teir, guile the same and same with Hibiki, Dalsim is lower but ppl can use him well.

Dalsim has good C groove cancels, does 8- 9k.

all i say is dont get these fuckin morons get to u.

RC command grab, nuff said.

Todo was added…

For the same exact reason Eagle was added: Capcom wanted to dredge up some real obscure characters from the original SNK and capcom games (where you could only play as one guy except in the vs. mode.)

Up until this game came out Nyuhaku had never been a playable character. (hell, after the original AOF he never even appeared in a fighting game except as a piece of background scenery, and eagle didnt even get that much.)

Personally, I think they should have used mr. big or wang (that guy in the monkey mask, not enough masked fighters in these games.) But thats my opinion.