This charracter needs to be banned



Unless his j.HP is taken away


Not this again. you did the same thing in the SSFIV Board. If you haven’t learned already: Seth has the stamina of an ethiopian child.


I know he’s just a troll, but I want to slit his throat.


Insert extremely shocked reaction here to hype the thread


Don’t a lot of them have to walk several miles a day in blistering heat and back for water?

On topic: someone not on their phone so with full forum access please report this troll.


LOL. It’s the same troll from a few months ago.
STILL getting your ass handed to you by Seth? Poor Gief player.


He’s apparently an Adon player. Obvious troll is obvious. Please do not feed.


WTF, one mistake seth is rape
and trade F-up seth


Someone ask Sosage to whoop his ass.


All of you will be raped in prison then injected with blood infected with aids


If you tried that I’d eat your hands and arms


Well when the rest of the fighting game community is dead from aids you can go ban seth.


Ol free on wakeup, downback tappin fumble ass nigga, ol droopy nutsack get thrown out of the bank for keeping he ATM card snug as a bug in a rug in he flabby gelantinous ol asscrack, sick cracka jones, make a nigga mama sigh in dismay. Ol sign off gtalk when he get him ass pummeled, ol clearly not a Sexhaver ass nigga.


…and we’d still beat you with Seth.



lol i pwned OP with seth and he went on a massive rampage. told me he was gonna kill me and my family and apparently smashed his arcade stick.


You want to ban seth, but not akuma? Yup a professional troll is professional.