This Chick Got Friggin' Owned

So basically in a space of a few hours this chick, AngryLittleGirl, got fucking owned on Youtube. It all started with her “Gullible is not in the Dictionary” video, to which she created a response to her own video calling everyone who didn’t understand it and I quote, fucking retarded. So yeah, I guess the masses saw right through her and proceeded to litterally own her to bits. Unfortunately the video in question has been removed, but I’m guessing some people saved it as bits are popping up.

Here’s her Youtube page…

Also here’s a few video responses I found humerous…


I don’t expect much to develop from this here, but I thought I’d spread the word anyway… All you have to do is read some of the comments to get some sort of laugh out of it.

She is a fucking idiot. Now she’s crying people don’t like her. lol

How the hell this make front page anyhow? Hopefully the hate machine grows to massive levels and she just leaves Youtube. That would be funny. She thinks it’s over when her video is off the main page? Nope…I think it’s only beginning.

Does anyone else think she looks like that Brandi Belle chick…like her kid sister or something.

Um…I fail to see where she’s an idiot. She’s smart enough to know that god is imaginary…and the other shit she’s saying is obviously sarcastic. Whoever is taking it seriously are the retarded ones. shrug

Analrapist edit: she shouted out NEVERNUDES FOR GODDAKES. Arrested Development allusion for the fucking win. Stop being haters.

She is pretty damn hot IMO…

She is quite attractive, but I find her exceedingly annoying.

The only way I’d be hitting that is with a mallet.



Video in question…


I’m still highly confused at the thought of her getting “owned”, all her points are still valid, wot which random people run off at the mouth about. Most likely all religious nutjobs who don’t like their sky fairy mocked. shrug

Well yeah i dont really see what was so wrong about anything she said, i think some guys r going way to overboard with it. Plus shes pretty hot…so yeah thats enough for me.

The way I see it is she thinks too highly of her own opinions and not enough of other peoples. No matter how many videos she makes or how many times she tries to convince people it will never change that and I don’t think she realises this; untill maybe now.

Begs the question then. What has she said that’s been wrong? And if she hasn’t said anything that’s wrong, per say why should she respect someone else’s opinion that doesn’t hold up to her logic (which is pretty sound). Why respect someone’s opinion just for the sake of it, regardless of the validity.

Plus she fine as hell jailbait son.

Maybe calling most of her audience retards for not understanding her video… The problem was that she never presented it in the best of ways and when she tried to help them understand, she done it one of the worst ways possible, showing her true colours in the process. Now being an atheist my self I agree with her views totally, but her methods are way off the mark. It’s impossible to read the comments that were left as she removed her video for obvious reasons, but you can begin to understand where the hate came from.


jesus freaks owned her

the comments scare me more

reminds me when i wrote a paper in college about religion and it was negative and people attacked me non stop

I think people who actively try to convince people god isn’t real are on roughly the same level of intelligence as people who post videos of their monologues/rants on youtube, no fucking point to it besides being an attention whore.

She doesn’t know how to present herself,and kind of comes off with this Elitist viewpoint.

I hope 4chan gets her…

I personally thought it was kinda funny…plus shes 18 which means shes not jailbait. So in my book, a hot girl can say watever she wants am im perfectly fine with it.

Your a mug then. Sorry, but if you let every pretty face say and do whatever they want to you just because they are pretty, then you’ll never get their respect and attention.

There are a LOT of legitimate reasons to persuade people that religion is bad. This country would be much better off if more people like her did that.

No there aren’t. The people who it would be advantageous to dissuade(extremists) are never going to be dissuaded by “god is a fairy tale” and for most non extremists it’s generally a positive thing to have religion, whether you believe it or not.

Religious moderates give a cover for extremists to BE extreme in the first place. Unfortunately this thread is taking a decidedly not-cool-with-SRK turn so I’ll just leave it at that last point. Do some research and you’ll see religion doesn’t REALLY help in any way.