This countries best Rog player



Its something I have been wondering about for some time now. I try to watch as many videos as I can, in order to better improve my game. I have to say that it has helped tremendously.
But one has to wonder who the best Rog player is, in this country anyway.
And yes I am talking about Eduardo as well.
So… who would get the vote
VvV Scrub, Gootecks, Keno, Javits… who do you consider to be the best Balrog player?


I have to go with puerto rico balrog although all of the people on that list are pretty darn good.


Keno, hands down.


Never seen keno play so I’m going with VvV Scrub, he give daigo a run for his money.


is vVv scrub the puerto rican rog?. if so i would also go with him because like ^ said, he gave daigo a run for his money


I am a fan of both vVv scrub/Eduardo/in Chris Hu voice Porto Reeco BallRock and Keno. vVv scrub for the incredible execution he has plus his insane ability to get out a dash ultra pretty much every round against fireball characters. Keno for his awesome mind games even with Rog’s supposedly limited mixup on knockdown. Jav1ts and Gootecks are still really solid though.

If I really had to narrow it down to one choice, then I’d have to say Keno. I am a find of the mindfook.


I really respect them all and enjoy watching them. Gootecks and the AI videos is what inspired me to buy SF4 in the firstplace but I’m capable of being unbiased towards that and saying I greatly enjoyed PR/Scrub Boxer at the tournies and even his Daigo match and every one of them are oh so solid in all their own ways. Ultimately I’ve seen more videos of some and not so much of the others which is a shame, so I’ll have to tack a vote on Keno as I’ve seen so much shinanigins from him overall, though as said, I couldn’t really choose between any of them if I had seen an equal amount of footage for each - So solid.


Justin Wong


I was actually gunna ask about justin wong. Isn’t his balrog good? Besides EVO i havent seen it, was it good at seasons beatings?


No doubt that Justin is a tremendous player, but I find he goes between characters and just uses his insane footsie game and possibly exploit lack of matchup experience, rather than completely knowing the ins and outs of a character. No doubt he’s a good Balrog player and far better than I am, but this is what I believe.


eduardo lives in puerto rico


I have to say that I watched one of the most entertaining Balrog match videos I have ever seen.
MarioDude vs Javits on Frame

So I would have to say that Javits in on the top of my list as well.
No only was his execution on par, he was hungry… like he hadnt worked in weeks.

Great match and I hope to see more of Javits, with Super Street Fighter as well.

If you want to see the Scrub vs Diago match, its on the same site, just search for Scrub.


haha Devon OMG the commentary on that video is great hahaha.

the commentary on the Scrub vs Daigo one is also great by Chris Hu lol.


Crackfiend… one of the craziest Rog player’s ever. Didn’t you see his Evo come back where half the room was saying “We want crack!!!” Come on… you know his Rog was ill…


haha, yipes is the man!

Javits Gootecks Keno, all supersolid rogs that i enjoy watching. they all kinda have a different rog style too, which is neat.


Javits or VvV scrub hands down


Fantastic fight, so exciting and that’s some serious hungry Rogster Lobster right there… This is pretty much why I dislike voting on such a subject because there’s just so many great Rogsters. I had to pick Keno as he’s one of the few I’ve seen tonnes of fights from in comparison to other players but all I can say is that if I even had half the talent of any of the Boxer players mentioned in this thread I’d be a very happy player.

Methinks this’d be a good thread for viewers to post/compile a list of great Rog matches from their respective choice, or even just great Rog fights in general for visitors to look at and enjoy for inspiration or just plain good fight viewing.

We’ve one from Jav1ts and one from PRBalrog (VvScrubvV) so how about Keno, Gootecks, JWong and everyone else people would like to nominate?


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eudardo and it’s not really that close. most people who play always are confident in their abilities, i’m confident i’m better then almost any rog i’ve seen. however i know i’m not as good as eduardo. (not yet).

obviously there are probably many rogs who are better then me, i’m sure of it but i have personal confidence i am better… but with eduardo that’s not the case. =]


so, your own delusions of grandeur ending at eduardo mean he’s #1?

Vote one for gootecks. super solid zoning game, and he rarely slips on his execution.