This day i lost my brother r.i.p. leon bond

i lost my best friend this day the man that got me into street fighter. i remeber the first time i told about it, he said there’s a game where two brothers shoot fire balls out of their hands. so i was like take me so i can see for myself? that would the be the day that would change me forever? we tryed or best to play it but at the time it was to hard for us. so we watch people play all day. years have past and one day i told my brother about street figher 2. he was like that’s the game we use to try to play downtwon boston? i was like yeah they have alot of new guys in this one. i end up getting it for the sega genesis we would play that game for days. his fav character was raiu aka RYU and i would play KEN. we would battle all day and night shit it was fun i loved it. one day he told me about this game. that you can rip peoples heads off and shit? and he said it was like street fighter but and it had a block button. he took me down to the pizza shop it was the first time i saw Mortal Kombat i was like wow this game is crazy. he was yeah it is but my nigga ryu would get in their and all you get them all to hell. we laugh about and he told me i was just jokin about it being better the street fighter. nothing better then street fighter and i was i no nothing is. end my eyes i was like ryu and he was like ken two warriors that was out to take on the world. i had great times with my brother i miss him so much. the person that got me into street fighter i will always remember him as true warrior.

leon bond
25 years old
born in chicago Illinois

Sorry to hear that. I know first hand that losses like that are hard to overcome.

thanks glory man i’m so fucked right now

I’m terribly sorry to hear about your loss mukai.

He’ll live forever in those good memories you have…

I don’t know him or you, but he was a Ryu fan, he must have been a good guy.

God bless to you and your family.

thank you all that post in here

Much respect man, horrible he passed so young.

man i so mad right now

Losing a loved one is hard, especially when one is such a close friend also. I wish your family the best of luck and hope you have plenty of happy momories to look back on, which by the look of things you do. :slight_smile:

Ryu rocks!

althou i don’t know you guys but since we are all SF fans, i feel the same loss. god bless

from this day on i will use ryu. shit i remember i showed my brother how to do the fireball super and shit he hit with it all the fucking time, i wish i could of play my brother one last time a ryu and ken match would have been great ONCE AGAIN I THANK ALL THE FIGHTER FROM SHORYUKEN SNK-CAPCOM AND OROCHINAGI.COM FOR SHOWING YOUR RESPECT FOR MY BROTHER

just wanted to add my condolonces… i’m sorry, you can make it through this.

good luck,

Sorry to hear that man,best wishes to you and your family

sorry for your loss. god bless you and your family.


RIP Leon Bond!

The world will miss ya bud!

Damn, I’m 25 myself, and I couldn’t imagine dying now with my entire life ahead of me. That’s a real tragedy Mukai, and the only thing I can say is that your bro is in a better place, and you’ll see him again someday. Peace to you and your fam.

I’m sorry to hear about your loss; my condolences to you and your family.

how many brothers fell victim to the street
rest in peace young nigga theres a heaven for a G
be a lie if i told ya i never thought of death
my niggas we the last ones left
and life goes on

R.I.P i know the feeling been there before
one love

I was thinking the same thing.

I send prayers and condolonces to you Mukai. Regardless of my not knowing you, if you need someone to talk to then I’m always free at AkarIchijo on aim.

You can make it through this bud, we’re here for ya.


Shit sorry to hear that mukai.

sup everyone i thank you all for hitting up this thread and showing your love for my brother thank yall